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Partikel: Counteraction

Read "Counteraction" reviewed by Roger Farbey

Counteraction is Partikel's fourth album to date and their follow-up to 2015's String Theory. Without wishing to wrap this review up in a couple of sentences, it's probably their best to date and adopts their customary deployment of heterogeneous instrumentation--strings and reeds notably--and characteristically unorthodox structures.

“Land And Sea" begins tentatively but soon leads ...

Partikel: String Theory

Read "String Theory" reviewed by Roger Farbey

A frenetic opening to the third album by Partikel augurs well for the rest of this hour-long recording and there's almost a reminiscence of Frank Zappa's Hot Rats in its intensity. Partikel here is augmented on this session by a string quartet. A jazz trio with strings? Yes, but not just any strings, these are strings ...


Partikel: Cohesion

Read "Cohesion" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Partikel è un trio inglese pianoless capitanato dal giovane sassofonista Duncan Eagles. La formazione è qui al secondo album ed è caratterizzata da un marcato dinamismo che si sviluppa attraverso composizioni (quasi tutte di Eagles) volutamente frammentarie, dai temi minimali e reiterati, eppure non prive di una narratività in filigrana. Sono esempi di questo stile - che ...


Partikel: Cohesion

Read "Cohesion" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

The saxophone/bass/drums trio may not be the most unusual musical amalgamation but it gives plenty of scope for inventive, dynamic, exchanges between the assembled musicians. Partikel--a young London-based and sax-led trio--makes the most of such opportunities on its second album, Cohesion.

Partikel is led by composer Duncan Eagles, who excels on both tenor ...