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Eyot: Innate

Read "Innate" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

The drama of prog, the heft of rock and the subtleties of the jazz quartet all combine on Innate, the fourth album from Serbian quartet Eyot. This time round, the group has decamped to Chicago for recording purposes. Courtesy of big-name engineer/producer Steve Albini Innate benefits from excellent sound quality, which enhances the drama of much ...


D'Agaro - Mella - Rivagli: Bangalore

Read "Bangalore" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Il trio pianoless che interpreta questo lavoro è nato quasi per caso nel 2013 ed è imperniato sulla figura di Aldo Mella, che vanta lunghe e fortunate collaborazioni con ciascuno degli altri due membri.

Ma proprio la qualità del rapporto umano tra i musicisti contribuisce a dare sostanza al CD, che vede in programma ...


Eyebrow: Garden City

Read "Garden City" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Mention the idea of the “garden city" to the good people of Britain and the likeliest (polite) response will be “Welwyn" or perhaps “Letchworth." Bristol, home to Eyebrow, isn't such a settlement but Garden City is the name the duo has given to its fourth album release.

Pete Judge and Paul Wigens formed Eyebrow ...


Tammy Payne: Viva Outsider

Read "Viva Outsider" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Viva Outsider is Tammy Payne's first album under her own name: original songs that mix blues, folk, jazz and soul influences together to create a stunning collection.

Payne emerged in the early '90s, recording a superb cover of Deniece Williams' “Free" and the dance hit “Take Me Now." She's recorded sporadically since then, with bands ...


Eyot: Similarity

Read "Similarity" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Atmosphere. That oft-indefinable feel that music can have, the creation of a mood or a sensation that inveigles itself into a listener's mind and captures the imagination. It's not melody, harmony or rhythm but it needs all three. Eyot--a four-piece from Serbia--has a great line in atmosphere, ably demonstrated on the band's third album, Similarity.


EYOT: Horizon

Read "Horizon" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Formed in 2008 by pianist and composer Dejan Ilijic, EYOT creates a distinctive and rather beautiful sound based on a mix of jazz, prog rock and contemporary classical influences. The Serbian quartet's debut, Horizon, recorded in November 2009, is a collection of nine Ilijic tunes, showcasing his sparse and surprisingly delicate approach to composition.