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Glen Campbell: 1936-2017

Read "Glen Campbell: 1936-2017" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

“Well, that moment has come that we have known was an inevitable certainty and yet stings like a sudden catastrophe. Let the world note that a great American influence on pop music, the American Beatle, the secret link between so many artists and records that we can only marvel, has passed and cannot be replaced -my ...


Dr. Dre: Straight Outta Compton

Read "Dr. Dre: Straight Outta Compton" reviewed by Solomon J. LeFlore

I read a headline today in Daily Variety (motion picture industry magazine) that said: “Straight Outta Compton chronicles the origins and history of N.W.A. ("Niggaz With Attitude"), arguably the most influential hip hop group in the history of American music. The title is taken from the title of their 1988 debut studio album, and it is ...


Quincy Jones: An Evening With A Legend

Read "Quincy Jones: An Evening With A Legend" reviewed by Solomon J. LeFlore

I love jazz! I love everything about it... the improvisation, syncopation, the forceful rhythm, and the fact that it is truly America's original art form. Its unique and innovative use of brass and woodwind instruments and the piano is jazz. And, it is as American as apple pie.

Ask 100 different people “What is ...


Ace of Bass: Carol Kaye

Ace of Bass: Carol Kaye

One of the most recorded bassists in history, she has a purported 10,000-plus tracks to her credit

You may not know Carol Kaye's name, but you know her work. You've probably heard at least a few dozen examples, and all the words, too. She spent the '60s as the most requested session bassist in L.A., playing ...


Carol Kaye First Call L.A. Studio Bassist

Carol Kaye First Call L.A. Studio Bassist

Carol Kaye worked extensively with Phil Spector, Brian Wilson, Lee Hazlewood, and other top producers in the 1960s, although she was a straight jazz player when she started guesting on rock dates in the late 1950s.

She received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Pittsburg Jazz Society, “Outstanding Dedication to Bass Performance & Pedagogy" and Lifetime ...