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James O’Sullivan: Feed Back Couple

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Guitarist James O'Sullivan is a longstanding member of Eddie Prévost's Workshop, one of the main driving forces of improvised music in London. The Workshop has been running every Friday evening since November 1999, with O'Sullivan attending since 2004. Although O'Sullivan has appeared on disc before--notably on Winterlands (Forwind, 2011), by the innovative songs-plus-improv quartet Clang Sayne--Feed ...


Elvers: Elvers

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Formed in 2008, before becoming known as Elvers, this improv trio gigged for awhile as Watson, Marsh and May. Maybe because that sounded too much like a '70s prog-rock group, they searched for another name, rejecting entries such as Between Gnomes, Corpse Embers or Yobs Set Fire to Sheep, and deciding upon Elvers.

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