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Garana Jazz Festival 2017

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Garana Jazz Festival
Garana, Romania
July 6-9, 2017

Running from the 6-9th of July, the 21st edition of the Garana Jazz Festival saw the jazz world descend on its location near the Garana village, high in the Semenic Mountains of Romania. Obviously, the artistic credibility and the creative energy were ...


Tonbruket: Nubium Swimtrip

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Tonbruket is a band that defies categorization. The Swedish band's name roughly translates into English as “Tone Workshop," and they describe their music as “sticking closely to the essence of a composition's tone, melody, and groove." Bassist Dan Berglund, formerly of the Esbjorn Svensson Trio, founded the group in 2009 with multi-instrumentalist, Johan Lindström, after the ...


Tonbruket: Dig It to the End

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Dan Berglund, impostosi come contrabbassista del trio EST, è qui alla testa di un quartetto svedese giunto al secondo lavoro, a cavallo tra più stili, ma anche piuttosto originale e interessante. La musica dei Tonbruket si muove infatti su atmosfere estremamente variate, fortemente marcate dal rock, con momenti anche di grande intensità e dinamismo - come per esempio nel ...


Tonbruket: Dig It To The End

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For its eponymous debut (ACT, 2010) , this band was called Dan Berglund's Tonbruket. It was a new outfit, the first new venture by a member of e.s.t. after pianist Esbjörn Svensson's death in 2008, pretty much an unknown quantity. For Dig It To The End, bassist Berglund remains as an emphatic presence, but the band ...