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Cykada: Cykada

Read "Cykada" reviewed by Chris May

Cykada has been making waves on London's genre-melting alternative-jazz scene since 2017, but has yet to acquire a profile akin to those of some of the other bands with which its musicians are involved. These include spiritual-jazz septet Maisha and the Afrobeat-infused Ezra Collective. The release of Cykada, however, is going to strap a booster rocket ...


Walthamstow Jazz Festival 2019

Read "Walthamstow Jazz Festival 2019" reviewed by Luke Seabright

Walthamstow Jazz Festival
February 16, 2019

If you're not from jny: London the name Walthamstow most likely means nothing to you, unless perhaps you admire the work of designer and craftsman William Morris. Even to most Londoners it is probably little more than the fabled end of the Victoria ...


Emanative: Earth

Read "Earth" reviewed by Chris May

Every so often an album comes along that is so sweeping in its cultural scope, and so far beyond the norms of critical discourse, that it almost beggars description. Such a disc is Earth, the fourth physical-release album from drummer and producer Nick Woodmansey's Emanative and the follow-up to the band's outstanding The Light Years Of ...


Noya Rao: Icaros

Read "Icaros" reviewed by Rokas Kucinskas

Something that started as a solo project by Tom Henry in his bedroom studio transformed into something much more mature: first his ideas were executed in an instrumental trio setting that eventually evolved into the vocal electronic-soul quartet--Noya Rao. What kind of music does the quartet play? The kind that Gilles Peterson is famous for." With ...


Kamasi Washington: Harmony of Difference

Read "Harmony of Difference" reviewed by Phil Barnes

Being lauded as the “saviour of jazz" would weigh heavy on the shoulders of any young artist, even one so confident as to release a 170 minute treble CD as their 2015 debut. Yet Kamasi Washington pulled it off on the appropriately titled The Epic, with its ambitious, eclectic subject matter and surface similarities to spiritual ...


Steve Lehman: Sélébéyone

Read "Sélébéyone" reviewed by Luca Canini

Due sarebbero i modi più appropriati e coscienziosi di iniziare questa recensione. Il primo: una rapida carrellata sui precedenti tentativi di contaminazione tra jazz e hip hop (entrambi i generi intesi nel senso più ampio e inclusivo possibile). Da Steve Coleman e Greg Osby alle lucide visioni di Mike Ladd e Vijay Iyer, dal Miles Davis ...


BOOM, tra jazz e elettronica. Intervista a Raffaele Costantino

Read "BOOM, tra jazz e elettronica. Intervista a Raffaele Costantino" reviewed by Enrico Bettinello

S'intitola When in Rome, è un EP registrato dal vivo dal duo BOOM che unisce il produttore, DJ e seguitissimo conduttore radiofonico per Radio2 Raffaele Costantino e il pianista jazz Giovanni Guidi.
Pubblicato dalla factory creativa LBL, è un lavoro in cui i due musicisti cercano di andare oltre i luoghi comuni del binomio ...


Francesco Diodati e il Questionario di Proust

Read "Francesco Diodati e il Questionario di Proust" reviewed by Paolo Peviani

All About Jazz Italia: Il tratto principale della mia musica.
Francesco Diodati: In continua evoluzione e trasformazione.

AAJ: La qualità che desidero nei musicisti che suonano con me.
F.D.: La voglia di rischiare e mettersi in gioco. La propensione a suonare con gli altri, per la musica ...


Kendrick Scott Oracle: We Are the Drum

Read "We Are the Drum" reviewed by Enrico Bettinello

Primo lavoro per la Blue Note per il gruppo Oracle del batterista Kendrick Scott, formazione robusta e flessibile al tempo stesso, grazie alla presenza di musicisti di buon valore come Taylor Eigsti al piano, Mike Moreno alla chitarra, John Ellis alle ance e Joe Sanders al basso.

Un jazz pulito quello del quintetto, ...


Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey: Worker

Read "Worker" reviewed by Dave Wayne

Of all the bands playing jazz-rock, or fusion, or whatever-you-want-to-call it, the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey (or JFJO as they're known by their fans) is the one that comes closest to embodying Joe Zawinul's dictum regarding Weather Report's modus operandi: ..."nobody solos, everybody solos." The similarities stop there, however, though JFJO's careening omnivorous creativity, like Weather ...