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Bunky Green: Urgency and Continuity

Read "Bunky Green: Urgency and Continuity" reviewed by Anil Prasad

Saxophonist Bunky Green bristles at the idea of playing by the rules. On more than one occasion, the Milwaukee, Wisconsin native was on his way to jazz stardom, but each time his principles guided him elsewhere. This is a significant reason why the highly influential musician has mostly remained unsung and out of the spotlight for ...


Oleg Kireyev and Keith Javors: Rhyme and Reason

Read "Rhyme and Reason" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

Rhyme and Reason is a spare collection of just six charts that swing with both familiar and unfamiliar time. All four members of this vibrant quartet, fronted by pianist Keith Javors and saxophonist Oleg Kireyev, seem prepared to let the music flow from the most commonly known musical focal point out into the sea of surprise, ...


The American Music Project: On the Bright Side

Read "On the Bright Side" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

"This is our music, American Music: Miles, Coltrane, Billie Holliday, Tupac Shakur, Stevie Wonder, can you hear me". Il piano degli American Music Project è chiaro. Non lascia sottintesi, non è ambiguo, non è pretenzioso, non è presuntuoso. Se questa è la tradizione della musica americana, perché creare steccati tra jazz, hip-hop, poesia, R&B, gospel, funk e Motown ...


Oleg Kireyev and Keith Javors at the Smalls Jazz Club (NYC) on September 25th

Oleg Kireyev and Keith Javors at the Smalls Jazz Club (NYC) on September 25th

Oleg Kireyev and Keith Javors at the Iridium Jazz Club (NYC) on September 25th. Featuring:
Oleg Kireyev - saxophone
Keith Javors - piano
Boris Kozlov - bass
Quincy Davis - drums The saxophone player from Russia Oleg Kireyev and the American pianist Keith Javors are now launching their new extraordinary ...


Artists Oleg Kireyev and Keith Javors at the Iridium Jazz Club (NYC) on April 15

Artists Oleg Kireyev and Keith Javors at the Iridium Jazz Club (NYC) on April 15

Oleg Kireyev and Keith Javors Trio
Oleg Kireyev, saxophones
Keith Javors, piano
Boris Kozlov, bass
E.J. Strickland, drums In a continuing collaboration of East and West, Russian jazz saxophonist Oleg Kireyev joins the Keith Javors Trio in an exciting evening of straight-ahead jazz with world influences. ...


Keith Javors: Mo

Read "Mo" reviewed by Mark Sabbatini

Mo' City Jungle is a bit like a mediocre blind date where the person in question makes a nice first impression but reveals an unpleasant identity crisis as the evening progresses.

Pianist Keith Javors' third album is a bit frustrating because his septet of players indicate early what they're capable of, but seldom live ...


Keith Javors: Mo' City Jungle

Read "Mo' City Jungle" reviewed by John Kelman

With a style that is reverential yet modern, Keith Javors’ Mo’ City Jungle pays tribute to the Detroit jazz scene with a programme of nine originals that bristle with energy, group interplay and soloing of the highest order.

Javors is a thirty-something pianist who is also an educator at the University of North Florida; but refuting ...


The Keith Javors Quartet: From Here to the Street

Read "From Here to the Street" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Pianist Keith Javors, who is now an assistant professor of Jazz Studies at the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, recorded this set of his original compositions more than three years ago in Marquette, Michigan, with “deep gratitude and respect to [his] musical heroes: Benny Green, Mulgrew Miller, Herbie Hancock and the late Kenny Kirkland.” Javors, ...