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Drawing Jazz

Read "Drawing Jazz" reviewed by Keith Henry Brown

A twist on the old cliché, “Those who can't play--draw,"--that's my personal point of view. I've been a jazz nut since as long as I can remember, and as soon as I could push a pencil--even though I could barely bang out a simple tune on a piano--I was sketching some of my favorite players, Charles ...


Matthew Rybicki: Driven

Read "Driven" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Metti una sera a cena in compagnia di amici vogliosi di conversare e scambiare opinioni, metti il CD firmato da Matthew Rybicki in sottofondo: sarà perfetto. Questo perché Driven - esordio da leader del trentasettenne contrabbassista - , con il suo movimento generale votato a un mainstream lineare ed educato, non rapisce l'attenzione, così racchiuso nel suo modo ...


Matthew Rybicki: Driven

Read "Driven" reviewed by Matt Marshall

Driven may seem a curious title for the debut album of a 37-year-old artist. But it's likely bassist Matthew Rybicki chose the title more as a pronouncement of his musical tastes ("It's definitely critical for me to be trying to swing all the time," he has noted) and, perhaps, of the bassist's role within music, generally. ...