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A Jazz Lover's guide to Popular Music

Read "A Jazz Lover's guide to Popular Music" reviewed by Ludovico Granvassu

This week we explore the cross pollination between jazz and popular music genres, like pop, rock, soul, funk and ska.

Archie Shepp playing with Whitney Houston? The jazz beginnings of Björk, Serge Gainsbourg, Sacha Distel? Ornette Coleman's and Sonny Rollins' adventures in rock-land? Lester Bowie playing ska? How Miles Davis' “So What" inspired Pee ...


Material: Hallucination Engine

Read "Material: Hallucination Engine" reviewed by John Kelman

Hallucination Engine

Some albums come along without any real intention other than to be what the are yet, without any fanfare, completely change the possible ways music can be perceived, felt and created by those lucky enough to hear them. Today's Rediscovery is one such album, a record that wasn't ...


Festival MiTo SettembreMusica

Read "Festival MiTo SettembreMusica" reviewed by Paolo Peviani

Teatro Franco Parenti / Teatro Manzoni
Milano, 04-21.09.2014

Il programma jazzistico di MiTo 2014 presentava due concerti particolarmente intriganti. Avishai Cohen with Strings al Teatro Franco Parenti, e The Master Musicians of Jajouka in compagnia di Bill Laswell & Material al Teatro Manzoni.

Filo conduttore di entrambi i concerti ...


Naked Truth: Shizaru

Read "Shizaru" reviewed by Lawrence Peryer

Naked Truth is the brain child of Italian bassist Lorenzo Feliciati, who has made a name for himself throughout Europe since 2005 as both a leader and collaborator. Feliciati has said that Naked Truth came from his desire to create a band where “each voice is equal and contributes to the musical conversation," and where no ...


Microscopic Septet: Chance Meeting with the Future

Read "Microscopic Septet: Chance Meeting with the Future" reviewed by Gordon Marshall

The Microscopic Septet is all about swing, but swing in a sense extrapolated from the stale, dated pages of the past. Its take on the music of the '30s and '40s is too scholarly to fall off the map as retro, and too deeply felt to be dismissed as a dusty trove of museum pieces. The ...