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Peter Horsfall: Nighthawks

Read "Nighthawks" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

The title of Peter Horsfall's Nighthawks may call to mind the iconic Edward Hopper painting, or maybe Tom Waits' Hopper-inspired Nighthawks At The Diner (Asylum, 1975). A few bars into “Nighthawks" it becomes obvious that Horsfall and Waits both take inspiration from the painting ("Nighthawks lead a lonely life...")--but Horsfall's melancholy vocal stands in sharp contrast ...


Erik Friedlander: Nighthawks

Read "Nighthawks" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Visto dal vivo all'inizio dell'anno presso il Pinocchio Live Jazz di Firenze (clicca qui per leggere la recensione del concerto), arriva su CD il quartetto Bonebridge di Erik Friedlander, un progetto che è stato definito “country da camera."

Anche su supporto registrato il quartetto conserva la suggestione data da un lato dalla purezza ...


Erik Friedlander: Nighthawks

Read "Nighthawks" reviewed by Troy Collins

Named after the famous Edward Hopper painting, which depicts four people in a diner late in the evening, Nighthawks was conceived by cellist Erik Friedlander under similarly evocative circumstances--during the nearly week-long blackout that enveloped much of New York City in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in September of 2012. Inspired by the uncanny quiet and ...

Vince Giordano: Toe-Tapping and Timeless

Read "Vince Giordano: Toe-Tapping and Timeless" reviewed by Andrew J. Sammut

Welcome to the inaugural column “Jazz That Scratches, Swings and Pops

We've all heard King Oliver, Jelly Roll Morton and Bix Beiderbecke on the Smithsonian Jazz Collection. We know the names because they're “important," but do we ever listen because they're just plain good?

What about Papa Celestin, Red ...