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Georg Breinschmid at Hong Kong City Hall

Read "Georg Breinschmid at Hong Kong City Hall" reviewed by Rob Garratt

Georg Breinschmid & Friends with the Hong Kong Sinfonietta Hong Kong City Hall Concert Hall HKS Cool Summer Festival Hong Kong August 18, 2018 Oxymoron, or blasphemy? The very concept of “symphonic jazz" might provoke polarizing opinions in the more faithful fan--but few have spliced orchestral traditions with an improvisational ...


I 10 Cd nel CD-Player di... Georg Breinschmid

Read "I 10 Cd nel CD-Player di... Georg Breinschmid" reviewed by Vincenzo Roggero

01.Jaco Pastorius -Jaco Pastorius -(Epic -1976). Il debutto da leader, un disco mitico che mi ha influenzato sin dal primo ascolto. Sicuramente uno dei più grandi dischi di tutti i tempi. Un capolavoro eterno e spirituale. 02. Emerson, Lake & Palmer -Welcome Back My Friends -(Manticore -1970) Ho ricominciato a riascoltarlo ...


Georg Breinschmid: Double Brein

Read "Double Brein" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

Georg Breinschmid è uno dei massimi contrabbassisti e compositori austriaci e questo doppio CD è la palpabile raffigurazione della sua tumultuosa vena creativa. Georg si muove con agilità tra musica classica, jazz, musiche popolari e quant'altro, in un caleidoscopio di riferimenti e citazioni che si fondono e sovrappongono. Nato 42 anni fa, dopo aver fatto parte ...


Label: Preiser Records
Released: 2012
Track listing: CD1: Schnörtzenbrekker; Rodeo; Little Samba; Herbert Schnitzler; Suite; jaBISTdudenndeppat; Spring; Jazz-Gstazln; Nóta/Csárdás; Sweetie; Sedlaček’s Mood; Die alte Engelmacherin; Musette pour Elisabeth; Voodoo-Wienerlied. CD2: Post Bop; Herbert Schnitzler (alternate version); Wein Bleibt Krk; Die alte Engelmacherin (outtakes).


Georg Breinschmid: Fire

Read "Fire" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

Austrian bassist Georg Breinschmid's Fire is a collection of live and studio recordings, in a variety of genres, all served with a healthy dose of refreshing irreverence and exuberant humor.This in no way means that Breinschmid and his band mates are only about fun and games. On the contrary, their high quality musicianship and ...


Georg Breinschmid: Fire

Read "Fire" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

The North American cognoscenti are not so hip after all. Not many will have heard of the Vienna Art Orchestra and fewer still will know of its one-time bassist, the classically trained, Georg Breinschmid. Breinschmid is a maddeningly ingenious virtuoso musician, who, picking up where Frank Zappa and Victor Borga left off, is breaking down musical ...


Georg Breinschmid: Fire

Read "Fire" reviewed by Larry Taylor

A mixture of outrageous humor and subtle beauty make up Fire, from Austrian bassist Georg Breinschmid. Such a conflicting opinion needs explaining. The 14 mostly originals (plus a bonus disc of four additional tracks) combine live and studio recordings using two different groupings. There is Brein's Café--a piano/violin/bass trio; and a duo with ...


Georg Breinschmid: Brein's World

Read "Brein's World" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Quello che esce dalla testa del contrabbassista austriaco Georg Breinschmid è un effluvio di idee. Che a stento riesce a trattenere perché la sua è un'incontinenza musicale a 360 gradi. Due cd: 28 episodi musicali che gli fanno attraversare di tutto. Non abbandona il suo essenziale background classico ("Bach 11/16") e lo fa dialogare con tutto ...

Brein's World

Label: Preiser Records
Released: 2010
Track listing: CD1: 7/8 Landler; Musette #2; Jacaranda; Computer-Wienerlied; Brein's Knights; Quartier Latin; Leibestraum; Flugzeugderorist; Intermezzo; 5/4; Bach 11/16; Tschukkn Belle; Festivalse; Room 422; CD2: Without Me; Trompetenpolka/Radetzkymarsch; Schnucki von Heanois; Dark Lights; Dream #71; Lied des Zwangsdenkers; Petite Valse; Oldtime Hit; Urlaub am Giati; Blues Five; Ma muass aufhean wanns am scheenstn is; Window Serenade; Todespolka; Wienerlied GPS.


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