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Kaya 40

Read "Kaya 40" reviewed by Nenad Georgievski

In recent years there hasn't been a shortage of reissues of various artists as every five years there is some sort of anniversary which is a plausible reason for issuing an avalanche of remastered editions with various bonus materials in different formats. And it's amazing that music from past decades and long gone eras still manages ...


U2: Songs of Innocence

Read "U2: Songs of Innocence" reviewed by Doug Collette

To accurately assess and analyze the music of U2's Songs of Innocence, it's necessary to exert a herculean effort to shunt aside issues that would otherwise camouflage a clarity of mind. It's been at least eighteen months or more that the new U2 album was supposedly imminent, so the rise and fall of expectation and anticipation ...


U2: Songs of Innocence

Read "Songs of Innocence" reviewed by Nenad Georgievski

These days there is no other band that can polarize both critics and audiences alike than Irish band U2. Most of the time that's because of non-musical reasons that have accumulated through the years and the internet never forgets. The band always seems to cause heated debates that swell into fever pitch. Having reinvented themselves several ...


Bob Marley & The Wailers: Kaya Deluxe Edition

Read "Kaya Deluxe Edition" reviewed by Doug Collette

It's telling that the photos of Bob Marley adorning the first half of the comprehensive booklet with this 'Deluxe Edition' of Kaya show the late third-world icon beaming and smiling right and left, much as he does on the front cover. In contrast, the photos interspersed with song lyrics and recording detail in the latter half ...

U2: Achtung Baby 20th Anniversary edition

Read "U2: Achtung Baby 20th Anniversary edition" reviewed by Nenad Georgievski

Every once in a while, a record will appear that will change the way to which music is listened, which will expand concept of music and its essence and boundless potential. A record of such importance has the ability to disrupt and shake the space-time continuum of musical history, serving as a signpost to everything that ...


Tom Jones: Praise and Blame

Read "Praise and Blame" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

In his brilliant alternate reality novel, The Yiddish Policemen's Union (HarperCollins, 2007), Michael Chabon has a fellow Jewish detective tell plot-protagonist Meyer Landsman that, “it's a strange time to be a Jew." Apparently, it is a strange time to be a Christian also. In what time would it not be strange that 1960s Welsh sex symbol ...