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Joe Harriott: The Joe Harriott Story

Read "The Joe Harriott Story" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Almost 40 years after his death in 1973 at just 44 years of age, Joe Harriott's talent, imagination and impact on the development of jazz in Britain are gaining greater recognition than ever. Indeed, The Joe Harriott Story, an exceptional 4-disc box set of music from the alto saxophonist, is both a reflection of this belated ...


Phil Seamen: Seamen's Mission

Read "Seamen's Mission" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

British jazz has produced many great players whose fame never came close to matching their talent. One such was the mercurial drummer Phil Seamen. Seamen's Mission a splendid 4-CD box set in the Proper Box series, is a great reminder of Seamen's skills across a range of ensembles from big bands to trios, from swing to ...


Various Artists: Larkin's Jazz

Read "Larkin's Jazz" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Philip Larkin is one of the best-loved British poets of the twentieth century--the man who claimed in Annus Mirabilis that “Sexual intercourse began in nineteen-sixty-three..." A librarian at the University of Hull in the north-east of England, he was a complex character whose poems were often witty and well-observed but could also appear cynical and contemptuous. ...

Various Artists: Larkin's Jazz

Read "Various Artists: Larkin's Jazz" reviewed by Chris May

Various Artists

Larkin's Jazz

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The author of the immortal opening couplet, “They fuck you up, your mum and dad/They may not mean to, but they do," the poet Philip Larkin (1922-85) was in 2008 voted “the greatest British writer" of the last half century by the readers ...