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Hanksgiving: Jazz Tributes to Hank Williams

Read "Hanksgiving: Jazz Tributes to Hank Williams" reviewed by Ludovico Granvassu

Do you sympathize with the plight of the turkeys? Do family reunions bring you anxiety? Then forget about Thanksgiving! Mondo Jazz is here to help you switch to Hanksgiving, with two hours of Jazz tributes to the great Hank Williams, the only singer who is more American than pumpkin pie!

This week we have ...


Stu Brown: Twisted Toons Vol. 2 (The Music of Carl Stalling, Scott Bradley and more...)

Read "Twisted Toons Vol. 2 (The Music of Carl Stalling, Scott Bradley and more...)" reviewed by Roger Farbey

Cue the opening titles and the all-too familiar theme of “The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down"; a blast of which at just 23 seconds is enough to place the listener in the mood for the ensuing fifty five minutes of mayhem-inspired melodies.

This is Stu Brown's second paean to the great cartoon score composers. His first ...


Hi-De-Ho: The Life Of Cab Calloway

Read "Hi-De-Ho: The Life Of Cab Calloway" reviewed by David Rickert

Hi-De-Ho: The Life of Cab Calloway

Alyn Shipton

Hardcover; 288 pages

ISBN 9780195141535

Oxford University Press


During the swing revival of the 1990s it was singer and bandleader Cab Calloway, and not Benny Goodman or Duke Ellington or Glenn Miller, who provided the biggest influence--with the snazzy suits, ...


Lorraine Feather: The Girl With the Lazy Eye

Read "Lorraine Feather: The Girl With the Lazy Eye" reviewed by Carl L. Hager

While writing the tune “Scrabble" for her recently released CD Ages (Jazzed Media, 2010), lyricist and singer Lorraine Feather's songwriting partner, Dick Hyman, had an unusual request that bordered on a dare: could she work the name of the venerable pianist/composer's family friend Dushka into the lyrics? After all, the middle section of his stride composition ...