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Gregorian Chant – Melodies I & II

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The Monastic Choir of St. Peter's Abbey, Solesmes, France was re-founded in 1833, following a period of latency. In the late 19th century, the monastery was challenged by the Holy Father, Pope Pius X to fully research the role of plainchant in the liturgy and to edit books on chant that reflected this research. If there ...


Nuova Camerata: Chant

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Free improvisation and contemporary music share many aspects, and the goal is the same--to avoid the beaten path of established musical idioms. Of course, sometimes they can both become actual styles, somewhat conforming to predictable strategies, but the most successful instances are those that keep the ambiguity intact, presenting the ideal of “new music" in its ...


Chant: Ma io ch'in questa lingua

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Finalmente in questi ultimi anni stiamo assistendo ad un rinnovamento radicale del classico trio piano-basso-batteria, grazie al graduale accantonamento di formule ormai logore di impianto canonicamente jazzistico (che tuttavia continuano ad essere replicate dagli epigoni meno inventivi). Le innovazioni apportate da Mehldau, da EST, oggi da The Bad Plus hanno aperto la strada a ulteriori ricerche, che abbracciano un ...


Pinton - Kullhammar - Zetterberg - Nordeson: Chant

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A Coimbra, patria del fado “accademico," il festival jazz offre sempre una programmazione molto affine all'estetica dell'ottima etichetta portoghese Clean Feed, e in piena sintonia con il suo patron Pedro Costa. Non è la prima volta che formazioni di area svedese pubblicano per Clean Feed registrazioni live fatte al festival: accadde anche per il tenor sassofonista Fredrik Nordstrom e ...


Chant: Ma Io Ch'in Questa Lingua

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Libero Mureddu, Cristiano Calcignile and Antonio Borghini, who have been together since 2000, find a unique realm for their music. They go through several levels and strata, never content to dwell on one plateau for any given length of time. They formulate, shape and delve into sounds with an instant tick of the imagination. And despite ...


Alberto Pinton / Jonas Kulhammar / Torbjorn Zetterberg / Kjell Nordeson: Chant

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This beefy quartet was drawn from existing Stockholm bands by baritone saxophonist/clarinetist Alberto Pinton at the suggestion of Clean Feed producer Pedro Costa. As bassist Torbjörn Zetterberg describes it in his liner note, it's half of his octet, half of tenor and baritone saxophonist Jonas Kullhammar's quartet, half of Kullhammar and drummer Kjell Nordeson's quartet Nacka ...


Frank Kimbrough: Chant

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Members of The New York Jazz Collective regroup, this time under the leadership of pianist Frank Kimbrough. Accompanying Kimbrough are: Ben Allison; double bass and Jeff Ballard on drums. Kimbrough is a thinking man’s pianist. His approach and execution is often multicolored, sure-handed and luminous. The opener is Ornette Coleman’s “Feet Music” and oddly enough Kimbrough’s ...