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Mostly Other People Do the Killing at the Philadelphia Art Alliance

Read "Mostly Other People Do the Killing at the Philadelphia Art Alliance" reviewed by Asher Wolf

Mostly Other People Do the Killing Philadelphia Art AlliancePhiladelphia, PA February 15, 2016 “If mostly other people do the killing I guess that means it's sometimes us," replied bassist Moppa Elliot in response to the inevitable question about the name of his band. Though many consider Mostly Other People ...


Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord: Make Magic Happen

Read "Make Magic Happen" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

The computer/internet age ushers in new ways of selling music. Record stores, flipping through bins of long playing albums--long gone. Compact discs--not selling like they used to. Digital downloads--the thing of the future? Guitarist Jon Lundbom has come up with the idea--influenced by trumpeter Dave Douglas' foray into this territory, perhaps, with his Three Views (Greenleaf, ...


Christian Pincock: Plentiful Excitement

Read "Christian  Pincock: Plentiful Excitement" reviewed by Dave Wayne

The late trombonist, composer, and educator Bob Brookmeyer's greatest gift to the world may well be the legion of wonderful musicians whom he mentored during his tenure at the New England Conservatory. A list of the more recent generation of Brookmeyer students read like a Whos' Who of 21st Century jazz: John Hollenbeck, Maria Schneider, Darcy ...


Mostly Other People Do the Killing: Slippery Rock

Read "Slippery Rock" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Strangely enough, bandleader and bassist Moppa Elliot derived inspiration for his compositions on Slippery Rock from smooth jazz albums of the late 1970s and '80s. However, it's more like smooth jazz under siege; with resonating rhythms, scorching and wily horns choruses, the program offers subliminal detections of commercial jazz fare as the band often breaks into ...


Mostly Other People Do the Killing: Slippery Rock

Read "Slippery Rock" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Mostly Other Peopele Do the Killing is back! And with it the rightly slandered genre of smooth jazz. This quintet's fifth studio album was penned by MOPDtK bassist Moppa Elliot after a lengthy immersion in the smooth jazz recordings of the late 1970s and '80s. Elliott extracted certain idiomatic phrases, harmonies and embellishments from this superficial ...


Bryan and the Haggards: Pretend It's The End of the World

Read "Pretend It's The End of the World" reviewed by William Carey

Is it too late for a “best of 2010" list? This 2010 release, by Bryan and the Haggards, has made several of these lists; while it would be easy to approach these jazz renditions of Merle Haggard tunes as some sort of novelty, that couldn't be farther from what tenor saxophonist Bryan Murray and his quintet ...


Mostly Other People Do the Killing: Forty Fort

Read "Forty Fort" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

The experience of listening to the highly gifted quartet Mostly Other Do the Killing (MOPDtK) is like taking a ride on roller-coaster while drunk, but still trusting your life in the hands of a wild driver who often has some epileptic fits. It is fun, no doubt; a wild fun, like going to a circus. But ...


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