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Harold McMillan: Inspirational Commitment

Read "Harold McMillan: Inspirational Commitment" reviewed by Josep Pedro

Deeply involved in Austin's music and art community, Harold McMillan has been providing access and exposure primarily to traditions derived from African American culture for more than twenty years. Initially he started the Blues Family Tree Project, a documentary collective first conceived as an oral history project, which ultimately contributed to the founding of Diverse Arts ...


A Peep Into The World of Putumayo

Read "A Peep Into The World of Putumayo" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

The Putumayo label has been doing a remarkable job of bringing music from different corners of the world to hungry new ears, always including an element of surprise in the repertoire. Almost every album is brimful with tracks that delight and are a reminder that there are many more musicians out there than the industry is ...


Various: Rhythm & Blues

Read "Rhythm & Blues" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

Putumayo World Music has gone across a wide spectrum in picking songs for its look at Rhythm & Blues. The American presence is strongly manifested, but artists from England, including a band that has a singer from Panama, show the wide influence of the music. Vintage singers strut their stuff and new acolytes blend styles while ...