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Macuco Quintet: Friendly Signs

Read "Friendly Signs" reviewed by Don Phipps

The Macuco Quartet's joyful and exuberant Friendly Signs suggests a Brazilian seaside or urban landscape where daylight tropical breezes and palm trees sway over a harbor and waves lap gently along a shore lively with music and dancing.

Joel Springer, the composer of all but one of the album's 11 tunes, keeps things on ...


Ayn Inserto Jazz Orchestra: Down a Rabbit Hole

Read "Down a Rabbit Hole" reviewed by Jack Bowers

If you must venture Down a Rabbit Hole, as Ayn Inserto has done on the first album as leader of her Jazz Orchestra in a decade, it's comforting to encounter in its depths musicians of the caliber of trombonist John Fedchock, tenor saxophonist George Garzone and trumpeter Sean Jones who add luster and bravado to the ...


Darrell Katz and the JCA Orchestra: Rats Live on No Evil Star

Read "Rats Live on No Evil Star" reviewed by Jerome Wilson

Listening to Darrell Katz's music, it boggles the mind that he is not celebrated as one of the best jazz composers-arrangers around. He has been creating ambitious and accessible works full of humor, social conscience and creativity for decades in the Boston area with the Jazz Composers Alliance Orchestra and other groups, yet you rarely hear ...

Steve Herberman, Hristo Vitchev, Rick Stone and Harvey Valdes

Read "Steve Herberman,  Hristo Vitchev, Rick Stone and Harvey Valdes" reviewed by Dom Minasi

Welcome back to Guitarists Rendezvous, our third installment in a series that introduces readers to emerging or established guitarists who fly just under the radar of public recognition. Each will field the same four questions and we've included audio and video so you can sample their music.

This installment includes a diverse group ...


The September Concert: The Heart Of Jazz For 9/11- Now In Its 10th Year

The September Concert: The Heart of Jazz for 9/11- now in its 10th Year. On Thursday, September 11, 40 of NYC’s top jazz artists will meet at Somethin' Jazz Club, 212 E 52nd St. NYC from 7pm - 1am, to play their take on various facets of that wretched day & its aftermath. They’ll be playing ...

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Practice, Do You? Part 3-3

Read "Practice, Do You? Part 3-3" reviewed by Dom Minasi

Continued from Part 2

I began studying the guitar when I was seven years old. I hated my teacher and I didn't practice much, but when I changed teachers' and I went to Joe Geneli, I regained a love for the guitar that I first had when I was four years old when I ...


The Rosenthals: Fly Away

Read "Fly Away" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

In many ways, trumpeter Daniel Rosenthal has always been the odd man out in the Rosenthal clan. The members of this tight-knit, literal-cum-musical family have long been known as a folk and bluegrass breed, but Daniel took a turn toward jazz and never looked back; that is, until recently.

After leaving the New ...


Rick Stone Trio: Fractals

Read "Fractals" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Il chitarrista americano Rick Stone divide il suo tempo fra didattica e concerti in area newyorkese. Dopo l'album Samba de Novembre, uscito nel 2004, si prende un bel po' di tempo di riflessione per giungere a questo Fractals che lo vede guidare un bel trio con il bassista Marco Panascia e il batterista Tom Pollard, ottimi musicisti che lo assecondano ...

Rick Stone Trio at the Bar Next Door (NYC), Saturday, May 12, 2012

Rick Stone Trio at the Bar Next Door (NYC), Saturday, May 12, 2012

"One of the finest straight-ahead guitarists on the current NYC jazz scene." —Robert Silverstein, 20th Century Guitar "This is no-nonsense jazz with a classic dark tone and killer chops" —Dave Walker The Bar Next Door at La Lanterna presents jazz guitarist Rick Stone and his Trio, Saturday, May 12th, 2012. Shows start at 7:30, 9:30 and 11:30from. Performing with ...

Transitions: Musician To Artist, or Finding Your Own Voice

Read "Transitions: Musician To Artist, or Finding Your Own Voice" reviewed by Dom Minasi

Professional and amateur musicians come in all hats and sizes. There are classical, blues, jazz, country, rock musicians and musicians that specialize in all kinds of music. There are musicians from every corner of the world. If your definition of a musician is someone who: 1. Is a master of his/her instrument;

2. Can ...