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Jacques Pellarin Trio: Karenita

Read "Karenita" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Karenita is the second album from the Jacques Pellarin Trio, following 2009's self-produced The Sound Of Philadelphia. It's a charming collection of lively, optimistic and happy tunes, played with exceptional style by this French ensemble; a real gem of an album that constantly surprises and delights.

The album sleeve gives a clear and ...


Jacques Pellarin Trio: Sound of Philadelphia

Read "Sound of Philadelphia" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

Sound of Philadelphia is not a novelty record--one that some critics might dismiss as world music. Jacques Pellarin's music is inflected with myriad cultural influences, so this rather empty epithet is likely to be used on the composer. This labeling is especially tough on an artist who is as seriously talented as the French/Basque musician. Pellarin ...