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Bobo Stenson: Contra la indecision

Read "Contra la indecision" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

Swedish pianist Bobo Stenson could be considered an anomaly amongst the ECM roster of piano players. His work over the past decades has been more controlled and, not to be taken as an insult or affront to Stenson's earthy lyricism, less challenging than the works of past and current label-mates such as Paul Bley, Marilyn Crispell, ...

Sonic Liberation 8 with Classical Revolution Trio & Oliver Lake: Bombogenic

Read "Bombogenic" reviewed by Dave Wayne

There are a few artists out there who are successfully merging authentic traditional Afro-Cuban and Caribbean rhythms with 21st Century jazz in a way that refers to, but doesn't sound like, typical Latin jazz: Adam Rudolph's Go Organic Orchestra and Kip Hanrahan's various groups immediately come to mind. Taking their cues equally from the early 70s ...

Lyle Mays Quartet: The Ludwigsburg Concert

Read "The Ludwigsburg Concert" reviewed by Chris M. Slawecki

Intentionally or not, keyboardist Lyle Mays seems to maintain a public profile that's lower than low. His most famous engagement is his tenure in a group named for someone else (The Pat Metheny Group), and The Ludwigsburg Concert is only his sixth solo release since his eponymous solo debut for Warner Bros. Jazz in 1985, and ...

India to Italy, Brazil to Slovenia–Where WON'T Jazz Go?

Read "India to Italy, Brazil to Slovenia–Where WON'T Jazz Go?" reviewed by Chris M. Slawecki


While growing up in the Northern Ontario mining town of Sunbury, he was known as “Sam." But in his early twenties, Sundar Viswanathan reconnected with his Indian name and heritage, and, through several conservatory courses spanning North Indian classical to Turkish maquam music, ...


Kenneth Salters Haven: Enter to Exit

Read "Enter to Exit" reviewed by Luca Muchetti

Nove brani per raccontare il proprio mondo musicale, per la prima volta da titolare. Si intitola Enter to Exit il debutto di Kenneth Salters Haven, batterista originario del Connecticut ma dal 2006 stabilmente sui palchi del jazz newyorkese. Dopo una lunga palestra che ha fatto incrociare il compositore e bandleader con Don Byron, Chris Potter, Aretha ...


Mr. Zombie Orchestra: Someone Likes It Zombie!

Read "Someone Likes It Zombie!" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Quartetto piuttosto classico nella formazione e tuttavia abbastanza atipico per il repertorio e la sua interpretazione, Mr. Zombie riunisce quattro giovani musicisti emiliani, tutti tecnicamente apprezzabili, che hanno l'esplicito intento di “trovare un punto di accordo tra antico e moderno, tra cultura statunitense e cultura europea, tra Jelly Roll Morton e Secondo Casadei."



Tord Gustavsen: Extended Circle

Read "Extended Circle" reviewed by Libero Farnè

In una certa tradizione ECM questo disco ci propone una delle più rappresentative espressioni del jazz scandinavo, un'immagine nordica impressionistica, nitidamente caratterizzata, per altro contraddetta da tante altre esperienze “forti," nate a quelle latitudini nell'ultimo ventennio. Le composizioni sono prevalentemente del leader: “Staying There" può ricordare le collaborazioni fra Keith Jarrett e Jan Garbarek degli anni ...

For Living Lovers: Brandon Ross, Stomu Takeishi: Revealing Essence

Read "Revealing Essence" reviewed by Neri Pollastri

Un duo doppiamente sorprendente, questo dei For Living Lovers, tra due musicisti prestigiosi e noti soprattutto per le loro collaborazioni in organici ampi e ad alta intensità dinamica, primi tra tutti quelli di Henry Threadgill, nei quali si sono conosciuti. E che qui, invece, dialogano tra loro in forma soffusa, intima, lirica.

Le ...

Manuel Valera: Self Portrait

Read "Self Portrait" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Pianist Manuel Valera's New Cuban Express has pulled into the station for a pit stop, his band mates have stepped off the train to stretch their legs, and the conductor of said locomotive is now left to ponder his own existence in front of his controls. Such is the story that could be told to detail ...


Rotem Sivan: Enchanted Sun

Read "Enchanted Sun" reviewed by Dan McClenaghan

Guitarist Rotem Sivan, who made the move from his native Israel to New York City in 2008, chose the trio format for his debut, Enchanted Sun. Working with just bass and drums accompanying--whether the “lead" is a piano, a horn or a guitar---is one of the most intimate ways to make music; since pianist Bill Evans' ...