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Dear Mr. P.C.:

Should jazz musicians marry one another?


Dear JS:

Here's something that may surprise you: Tone deafness is a dominant gene, which means the ability to carry a tune is recessive. Since most jazz artists--when forced to--can carry a tune, the ability to play jazz ...


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Dear Mr. P.C.:

What is it with young horn players at jam sessions who take their solo on a song and don't even hang around to play the head out?


Dear C.S.:

The youngsters are looking to you for guidance. If you yell “head out," what do ...

Sucking While Blowing, Door Gig Blues

Read "Sucking While Blowing, Door Gig Blues" reviewed by Mr. P.C.

Sucking While Blowing Dear Mr. P.C.:

Semantic inquiry: When someone has a ton of chops and still utterly sucks to play with, would his or her chops/suck ratio be convergent or divergent?

--Getting Older And Testier, Gaming Out Tactics To Enervate Neophytes


To answer your ...

Drum and Drummer 2

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Dear Mr. P.C.:

If I can tell where a drummer is during his whole solo, does that mean he's good or bad?

--Confused Bassist  

Dear Confused:

Neither: it just means you're listening too closely. There's nothing inherently “wrong" with paying attention to the musicians around you, but ...

Old Folks, Countdown

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Old Folks Dear Mr. P.C.:

When people in the audience are talking, it goes without saying they're not listening to the band. But for the rest of the audience, how do you know when they're actually listening as opposed to just thinking about something else altogether?

--Unheard in Utah

Dear ...


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Dear Mr. P.C.:

I just played a gig with a vocalist who chose to open the set with “Misty." He announced it to the audience by saying “Here's a song that needs no introduction." My question is, how were we supposed to start it?

--I Can't Get Started

Dear ICGS: ...

Going Solo

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Dear Mr. P.C.:

I'm a saxophonist, and someone just came up from the audience tonight and started talking to me while I was in the middle of soloing on a hard tune. I was having enough trouble just making the changes--what was I supposed to do?

--Blown Blowing  

Dear ...

Sitting In It, Low Blow, Always a Bridesmaid

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Sitting In It Dear Mr. P.C.:

Is there an “etiquette" as when to accept and when to decline joining a band on stage when invited?

--Getting Uneasy Each Sit-in Time


First, the obvious: If you're better than the band, sitting in makes them look bad but ...

On the Download; Presto, the Audience Disappears!; Showboaters Get the Clap

Read "On the Download; Presto, the Audience Disappears!; Showboaters Get the Clap" reviewed by Mr. P.C.

On the DownloadDear Mr. P.C.:

Now that everybody just downloads or streams music and you can't sell many CDs anymore, a lot of my fellow musicians are just giving them away. It's gotten to the point where I'm hesitant to ask if someone wants my disc even for free, because they'd probably rather listen ...

Rushing Collusion, Bits and P.C.s, Ave Maracas

Read "Rushing Collusion, Bits and P.C.s, Ave Maracas" reviewed by Mr. P.C.

Dear Mr. P.C.:

We all know that as people get older, they slow down. That make me wonder: Do musicians who rush eventually settle into good time?

--Good Time Charlie

Dear Charlie:

Only briefly. A better question is: Exactly when, in their downward spiral, will their time be ...