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Bobo Stenson / Anders Jormin / Paul Motian: Goodbye

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Avant-garde and jazz legacy: in 2005, the German ECM label released Goodbye, from Swedish pianist Bobo Stenson, bassist Anders Jormin and drummer Paul Motian. The record represents the most accomplished work in Stenson's discography, because it wonderfully and fully embraces the latest jazz musical concepts and the perfect interplay between its band members. The album recalls ...


Michele Giuliani: Widespread Roots

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Pianist Michele Giuliani--born in Baritone--is one of the emerging talents of the Italian jazz scene.

After years of constant experimentation--from progressive rock music to funk and jazz--the 34 year-old completed Roots (Zeitgeist, 2009), the sum total of all his musical experiences, named for the diversity of influences and cultures featured in Giuliani's music.

Giuliani ...


Michele Giuliani / Reunion Platz: Roots

Read "Roots" reviewed by Achille Brunazzi

With Roots, the young and talented Italian pianist/composer Michele Giuliani leads a new wave of African jazz, achieving an innovative approach to world music.

Giuliani's ensemble magnificently joins different styles and musical cultures together. Africa remains the main source of inspiration, but folk, jazz and blues highlight the group's presence on the beautiful “'Till the End ...