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Barry Guy: Back to the Drawing-Board (Part 3)

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One of the things which may strike the listener on hearing the London Jazz Composers' Orchestra for the first time is just how much volume Guy is able to draw from just seventeen to twenty players. Some other big bands sound almost insipid in comparison. There ...

Barry Guy New Orchestra: Amphi - Radio Rondo

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One of the most noteworthy releases of 2013 was the Barry Guy New Orchestra's Mad Dogs (Not Two), a five disc compendium which collected largely freeform meetings between various subsets of the 11-piece company during their 2010 residency in Krakow. However even that copious set offered only a partial view of the Orchestra's range, a deficiency ...


Koch-Schutz-Studer with Shelley Hirsch: Walking and Stumbling Through Your Sleep

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The Swiss improvising trio has made its distinctive footprint for Switzerland-based Intakt Records, also featuring projects based on collaborations with notable musicians, spanning various genres. Here, fabled New York City improvising vocalist Shelley Hirsch imparts her flippant and wily vocal clarity, prowess and passion. Vastly experimental and skirting the perimeters of avant rock and tiny elements ...


Meet Eyal Hareuveni

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I currently live in: Jerusalem, Israel

I joined All About Jazz in: 2004

What made you decide to contribute to All About Jazz? At first, All About Jazz provided me a way to express my thoughts, insights and feelings about certain albums that I was listening to, and shared with other friends, online and ...


Moodswing 3: Wegen Meines Beines

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A documentare cosa succede nella musica improvvisata tedesca ci pensa il Goethe Institut di Roma, che invita un trio dedito alla sperimentazione piuttosto che allo swing evocato nel nome. Le bordate percussive di Paul Lovens sono una costante pronta ad esplodere in ogni momento, mentre la duttile voce di Sabina Meyer ed il clarone di Hans Koch, spesso intento ...


Umbrella Music Festival 2009

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Umbrella Music Festival
Chicago, IL
November 5-8, 2009
If jazz is to survive in a modern world without the support of major labels or corporate funding, it will be through the efforts of organizations like Umbrella Music, “a group of Chicago-based musicians and presenters working together to provide concert opportunities for creative and improvising musicians." ...


Schweizer Holz Trio: Love Letters to the President

Read "Love Letters to the President" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Tre saxofonisti. Sette pezzi messi insieme in due giorni di session visionarie allo Zurich Radio Studio. Un disco che sa di avanguardia, esplorazione, rischio. È questa l'istantanea di Love Letters to the President firmato dallo Schweizer Holz Trio. Un lavoro dove i tre protagonisti si pongono, ostinatamente, l'obiettivo di scardinare gli schemi sfidando le leggi metriche e armoniche, camminando nel ...

Urs Leimgruber: Lausanne & Love Letters for the President

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Urs Leimgruber; Thomas Lehn.
For 4 Ears Records

Hans Koch; Urs Leimgruber; Omri Ziegele.
Love Letters to the President
Intakt Records

It may be grossly reductive to ...


Hans Koch - Martin Schutz - Fredy Studer: Tales from 30 Unintentional Nights

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Non appena su atmosfere più elettroniche e dilatate si innestano le percussioni di Fredy Studer appaiono nella mente sperimentazioni o esperienze rumoristiche progressive del passato come quelle dei Pink Floyd in Ummagumma o addirittura dei Genesis in The Lamb sotto la guida di Brian Eno. Non mancano richiami a gruppi rock-jazz come i Brand X o ancor più gli ...