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Erik Soderlind: Happening

Read "Happening" reviewed by Chris Mosey

The sounds on Happening hark back nearly two decades before its creator, Swedish guitarist Erik Söderlind was born--in 1981. They stem from the mid-1960s, when Jimmy Smith revolutionized the way the Hammond B3 electric organ was played and created a new genre of hard bop featuring the Hammond with guitar as second instrument.


Erik Soderlind: Twist For Jimmy Smith

Read "Twist For Jimmy Smith" reviewed by Chris Mosey

Erik Söderlind is a young man in no particular hurry. Not yet 30, he plays jazz guitar with supreme assurance, and on his debut album Twist For Jimmy Smith, he has put together a lovely, leisurely paced, always swinging collection of standards and originals that deserves worldwide recognition. Of course, he's unlikely to get it. We ...