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EFT: Spatial Awareness

Read "Spatial Awareness" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

The third album of the Israeli Electro Free Trio--EFT--marks the constant evolution of this working band. This powerful outfit always searched for ways to blend on-the-spot free improvisation strategies with live electronics, noise and metal but now has reached a balanced interplay that stresses the original, constant-evolving voices of each of the musicians--guitarist Ido Bukelman, in ...


Tel Aviv White Night Festival 2014

Read "Tel Aviv White Night Festival 2014" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Tel Aviv White Night Festival
Enav Canter
Tel Aviv, Israel
February 6-7, 2014

The program of the 10th anniversary of Tel Aviv White Night Festival, for contemporary and improvised music, was more modest and focused this year than in previous years, but remained faithful to its vision--introducing innovative and forward-thinking ...


Ido Bukelman / Daniel Davidovsky / Ofer Bymel: EFT II

Read "EFT II" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

The sophomore release of the Israeli Electro Free Trio--EFT-- continues where the impressive debut (OutNow Recordings, 2011) stopped. An aggressive and experimental hybridization of spontaneous, free improvised approaches, real-time electronics who draw inspiration from noise and industrial music, all spiced with references to progressive and metal rock. This tough blend of sounds was solidified in many ...


Ido Bukelman: The Door

Read "The Door" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Per il chitarrista israeliano Ido Bukelman la caratteristica principale della chitarra acustica sembra essere la sua capacità di scatenare l'effetto di risonanza. Una risonanza che si moltiplica, si eleva, si amplifica per poi smorzarsi nel tempo. L'ispirazione arriva dai poemi di Israel Eliraz e la dedica è per l'amata Shimrit. In questo album Bukelman è da solo alle prese con ...


Ido Bukelman's Cracked Song: Ido Bukelman’s Cracked Song

Read "Ido Bukelman’s Cracked Song" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Looking back at gifted Israeli guitarist Ido Bukelman's discography-- his improvised solo album, The Door (Kadima) and Solo (OutNow, 2011) and his experimental electronic trio EFT (OutNow Recordings, 2012)-- his Cracked Song quartet is clearly more straight-ahead. Bukelman navigates this quartet in a musical journey after a song structure, within the framework and freedom of improvised ...


Ido Bukelman / Daniel Davidovsky / Ofer Bymel: EFT

Read "EFT" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

The debut release from the unique, experimental EFT (Electro Free Trio) is a bold attempt to fuse free improvisation and real-time electronics, drawing on its members experiences--guitarist Ido Bukelman, drummer Ofer Bymel and electronic artist Daniel Davidovsky--in the fields of free jazz, rock and noise.

After a slow, hesitant introduction, where the trio ...


Ido Bukelman: Solo Acoustic Guitar Recordings

Read "Ido Bukelman: Solo Acoustic Guitar Recordings" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Israeli guitarist Ido Bukelman has developed a highly idiosyncratic style since releasing his first solo album, City Tail (OutNow, 2009). At that time, he tended to reference saxophonist Ornette Coleman's harmolidics, guitarist Pat Metheny's clean melodic lines and guitarist Jimi Hendrix's pyrotechnics.

After working closely with Israreli sax players Albert Beger and Yoni ...


Ehran Elisha launches new Israeli label

Read "Ehran Elisha launches new Israeli  label" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Two releases by New York-based drummer Ehran Elisha are the first ones from a new Israeli creative label, OutNow Recordings, run by three musicians--saxophonist Yoni Kretzmer and guitarists Yair Yona and Ido Bukelman--with a noble mission: “search within yourself for the sound you never stop hearing." These albums present the ever creative Elisha in two different ...


Ido Bukelman Trio: City Tail

Read "City Tail" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

City Tail the debut of Jerusalem-based Ido Bukelman--who works with local artists including The Rats, the Tal Gur Quintet and saxophonist Albert Beger--presents the full breadth of the Israeli guitarist's musical world. Influences ranging from Ornette Coleman's harmolidics to Hendrixian pyrotechnics and progressive rock, and concluding with Israeli popular songs, can all be found on this ...