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Istanbul’s İKSV: An Intensity Beyond Cool

Read "Istanbul’s İKSV: An Intensity Beyond Cool" reviewed by Arthur R George

It would be easy to get breathless, even giddy, about the range and schedule of cultural events organized by İKSV, the Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (in Turkish: İstanbul Kültür Sanat Vakfı). One individual could not possibly keep up with its jazz and classical music festivals and everything else that's offered by İKSV. It brings ...

Simply Nina: A look back at the illustrious career of jazz legend Nina Simone

Read "Simply Nina: A look back at the illustrious career of jazz legend Nina Simone" reviewed by Ava Louise

It is fitting that after a month dedicated to Jazz Appreciation, we come to the work of Nina Simone. Arguably one of the most talented jazz artists, Nina garners high praise across many demographics.

What made her such an influential musician and vocalist? Her voice was deep with a richness and emotive intensity that ...


Holiday 2017 II - Classical

Read "Holiday 2017 II - Classical" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

It was a good year for Messiahs and an equally good one for the “classically-related" repertoire.

Piffaro: The Renaissance Band
Drive the Cold Winter Away: A Renaissance Christmas Celebration
Self Produced

Lutes, theorboes, sacbuts, recorders, krumhorns, bagpipes, shawms and harps, that is what makes up the instrumentation for ...


Emi Ferguson: Amour Cruel

Read "Amour Cruel" reviewed by Peter Jurew

Crossing musical borders is a risky business. Our culture loves certainty; the marketplace prefers easily distinguishable, homogenous categories. Whereas contemporary visual artists, at least since Rauschenberg, receive critical praise (and financial reward) for combining styles and materials previously thought to be discrete, contemporary musicians who cross boundaries put their reputations, and sometimes their careers, on the ...


Pete Malinverni: Heaven

Read "Heaven" reviewed by Fiona Ord-Shrimpton

Perhaps church would be fashionable again amongst lapsed Christians if every church had musicians at the spec of Pete Malinverni. We have, in part, much to admire of the LA based Newman family for their reach in music and its training, in which composer, Anthony Newman was an insightful mentor to Malinverni's dedication. It would seem ...


Christmas 2015 IV: (Almost) Christmas

Read "Christmas 2015 IV: (Almost) Christmas" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

While there is a Holiday Music Canon, there are always pieces of music that lie just outside the periphery of definition. That, and I like to be liberal in what I consider holiday fare. Here are the stragglers this year, just making in beneath the wire.

Winchester Cathedral Choir, Martin Neary
Christmas ...


Christmas 2015 II: Classical

Read "Christmas 2015 II: Classical" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

A “Classical Christmas?" Here is...

Vienna Boys Choir
Merry Christmas from Vienna
Deutsche Grammophon

As iconic is the Vienna Boys Choir, it is hard to believe that they do not release a holiday offering each year. Groups like Mannheim Steamroller and Trans Siberian Orchestra have ...

Bach to Bach: Hopkinson Smith and Isang Enders

Read "Bach to Bach: Hopkinson Smith and Isang Enders" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

The sweeping emotional reach of Johann Sebastian Bach's Suites, BWV 1007--1012) cannot be underestimated. Heard performed incandescently on two different instruments helps also. Throw in the Sonatas & Partitas for Violin, BWV 1001-1006, on the lute and you have a Bach free-for-all.

Hopkinson Smith
J.S. Bach: Sonatas & Partitas, Suites


Avi Avital: Bach

Read "Bach" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Johann Sebastian Bach never composed for the mandolin. And that never stopped any mandolin players from appropriating Bach's work, especially for lute. Punch Brothers' Chris Thile recently released his take on the first half of Bach's Sonatas and Partitas for Solo Violin (Nonesuch, 2013), and is merely the latest non-classical artist to take on the great ...


Mort Weiss: Mort to Come

Read "Mort Weiss: Mort to Come" reviewed by Sammy Stein

Mort Weiss is a clarinetist with attitude. He has also achieved what few would dare--taking a break from music for almost 40 years and then making a successful comeback. Every man is a sum of his parts, his life story put together like pieces of a jigsaw. For some, the puzzle is simple, pieces slot together ...