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Aram Shelton & Håkon Berre: Dormancy

Read "Dormancy" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

San Francisco Bay Area resident, alto saxophonist Aram Shelton and Norwegian drummer/percussionist Håkon Berre recorded this dynamic session in a studio outside of Copenhagen. Each musician is highly respected in their home turf and beyond, although Shelton has led bands and collaborated with the crème de la crème of fearless improvising risk-takers in the US since ...


Shelton / Lonberg-Holm / Rosaly: Resounder

Read "Resounder" reviewed by Mark Corroto

There is no connection whatsoever between the improvised electro-acoustic music of Resounder and Carl Stalling's musical accompaniment and his adaptations of music composed by Raymond Scott for Warner Brothers' Merrie Melodies and Looney Tunes cartoon. Except that, the music of Aram Shelton, Fred Lonberg-Holm, and Frank Rosaly evokes a sort of theatre of the mind. The ...


Ton Trio II: On and On

Read "On and On" reviewed by Libero Farnè

Il sassofonista Aram Shelton, nato in Florida e attualmente residente in California, ha vissuto dal 1999 al 2005 a Chicago, con la cui scena jazzistica ha mantenuto produttivi contatti. A Oakland ha costituito nel 2012 il Ton Trio II, del quale On and On rappresenta l'album d'esordio.
Tutte le composizioni del CD sono di ...


Kyle Bruckmann's Wrack: …Awaits Silent Tristero’s Empire

Read "…Awaits Silent Tristero’s Empire" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Quarantatre anni, un po' chicagoano e un po' californiano, Kyle Bruckmann conferma in questo suo nuovo lavoro quanto sia per lui irrinunciabile tenere il piede in più scarpe. A suo tempo intruppato come fisarmonicista e tastierista in una “sgangherata rock band" (la definizione non è nostra) come i Lozenge, Bruckmann se n'è poi venuto fuori -fra ...


Kyle Bruckmann's Wrack: ...Awaits Silent Tristero's Empire

Read "...Awaits Silent Tristero's Empire" reviewed by Troy Collins

...Awaits Silent Tristero's Empire is an epic four-part suite based on the fictitious songs found scattered throughout celebrated author Thomas Pynchon's early novels V., The Crying of Lot 49, and Gravity's Rainbow. Oboist Kyle Bruckmann conceived this post-modern “musical phantasmagoria" as the first long-form composition written for Wrack, his experimental chamber jazz ensemble, employing an expanded ...


Cory Wright Outfit: Apples + Oranges

Read "Apples + Oranges" reviewed by Giuseppe Segala

Sassofonista tenore e clarinettista attivo nell'area di San Francisco, Cory Wright ha collaborato con formazioni dirette da Anthony Braxton, Vinny Golia, Yusef Lateef. Nel suo lavoro è coinvolta spesso l'apprezzata contrabbassista Lisa Mezzacappa, presente in questa registrazione, come nel gruppo The Green Mitchell Trio, da lui diretto.

Di Apples+Oranges colpisce subito, in esordio ...


Ton Trio II: On And On

Read "On And On" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Oakland, CA, based jazz and improvisation protagonist, alto saxophonist Aram Shelton could hold his own with most anyone in a cutting-contest. But there's more than a whole lot of technical acumen taking place with Ton Trio II. One of the principle selling points so to speak, is how the musicians impeccably integrate the modern jazz vernacular ...


Cory Wright Outfit: Apples + Oranges

Read "Apples + Oranges" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

Oakland, California based reedman Cory Wright (Anthony Braxton, Vinny Golia & Yusef Lateef delivers a manifold and juxtaposing ensemble date on Apples + Oranges. It doesn't take too long to determine that the album poses a surfeit of diagonally opposed viewpoints. Other than the highly emphatic and synergistic group-centric output, Wright's compositions hit the mark, and ...


Cory Wright Unit: Apples + Oranges

Read "Apples + Oranges" reviewed by Mark Corroto

In jazz, there are composers and there are soloists and, as they say, “never the twain shall meet." Okay, not impossible, but it is rare in modern jazz for a musician to be both an outstanding soloist and a talented arranger. Listening to Apples + Oranges by West Coast saxophonist Cory Wright, the challenge is to ...


Aram Shelton: Everything for Somebody

Read "Everything for Somebody" reviewed by Troy Collins

Currently based in Oakland, California, alto saxophonist Aram Shelton initially rose to prominence as a member of the fertile Chicago jazz scene, where he resided from 1999-2005. His tenure in the Windy City resulted in a number of lasting relationships; one of the most notable is his Quartet with tenor saxophonist Keefe Jackson, bassist Anton Hatwich ...