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Open Secrets: A Triumvirate of Israeli Guitarists

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Gilad Hekselman
Words Unspoken
LateSet Records

Oren Neiman
Frolic & Detour
Noyman Music

Yotam Silberstein
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Jazz Musician of the Day: Oren Neiman

Jazz Musician of the Day: Oren Neiman

All About Jazz is celebrating Oren Neiman's birthday today!


Oren Neiman

“The fallacy of being lost in ornamental doodling is the risk of every jazz guitarist, but it\'s completely absent in Neiman\'s almost ascetic play. This doesn\'t mean that his playing ...


Jazz Honors The Beatles

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When The Beatles first emerged at the forefront of The British Invasion, few could have predicted the impact they'd have beyond the world of rock and pop. Early albums, and songs like “Love Me Do," “She Loves You" and “I Want to Hold Your Hand," were hardly the grist for something more.

But by ...

Oren Neiman: Frolic and Detour

Read "Frolic and Detour" reviewed by Jakob Baekgaard

Sometimes, the best way to renew tradition is to go back to it, which is exactly what Oren Neiman has done on Frolic and Detour, an album that finds the guitarist digging deep into his Israeli roots while still remaining true to the instrumental voice he established on First Of All (Self Published, 2007). Neiman still ...

Take Five With Oren Neiman

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Meet Oren Neiman: Born in Ramat-Gan, Israel, and raised in Toronto, Canada, and Israel, Oren grew up listening to many different kinds of music. He started playing mainly in rock bands, but soon became interested in jazz. He started studying the music, and playing in various venues around Israel.

In August 2001, Oren ...


Guitarist/Composer Oren Neiman to release "Frolic and Detour"

Guitarist/Composer Oren Neiman to release "Frolic and Detour"

Soon to be released: Oren Neiman Frolic and Detour A new album to be released beginning of April 2009 by Oren Neiman's quartet. Frolic and Detour features nine new compositions of Neiman's and continue his blending of modern jazz sensibilities and middle eastern and other various rhythms. The album also features Kenny Warren on trumpet, Doug Drewes on ...


Oren Neiman: First Of All...

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Discussions of who deserves the recognition of being a “guitarist's guitarist" often bring up such names as Tal Farlow and Johnny Smith. They are guitar players who step naturally into the spotlight, easily grabbing the attention of the ears, technically superb and lyrically sophisticated with a clear, recognisable tone.

There's also another type of ...