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Wild Card: Life Stories

Read "Life Stories" reviewed by Jerome Wilson

When British youth started picking up on the music coming out of America in the Fifties and Sixties their tastes were widespread. While some kids loved the early rock & roll of Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly or the blues of Muddy Waters and Howlin' Wolf, others grabbed onto the jazz played by the likes of ...


Wild Card: Life Stories

Read "Life Stories" reviewed by Mike Jurkovic

Two things I'll readily admit about Clement Regert's Wild Card and its new offering, Life Stories are: 1--wild isn't the right adjective. A more fitting descriptor is fearless, because this feverish ensemble isn't afraid to bring on the funk, the bop, the pop, the swing or Afro-Blue when they want to; and 2--the spoken word “Intro," ...


Wild Card: Life Stories

Read "Life Stories" reviewed by Bruce Lindsay

Wild Card is, at its heart, an organ trio--guitarist and composer Clément Régert, organist Andrew Noble and drummer Sophie Alloway-- joined on Life Stories by a series of guests including trumpeter Graeme Flowers who was also an ever-present guest on the band's previous album, Organic Riot (Top End Records, 2015). Life Stories boasts a similar mix ...


Jazz in a Changing World

Read "Jazz in a Changing World" reviewed by Sammy Stein

Jazz has influenced many other genres of music and, likewise, many other genres have influenced jazz from its very beginning. What is really exciting about the scene at the moment is just how much enrichment it is getting from the rest of the world. It works both ways, of course; jazz musicians from countries which have, ...


Cape Town Jazz Festival 2012

Read "Cape Town Jazz Festival 2012" reviewed by John Kelman

Cape Town Jazz Festival
Cape Town, South Africa
March 30-31, 2012
An invite to cover the 13th annual Cape Town Jazz Festival would have been reason enough to travel over 8,000 miles to South Africa. But when the invite, from South Africa Tourism, stretched to an expansive ten-day trip--beginning in Johannesburg, continuing on to Cape Town ...

Take Five With Adam Glasser

Read "Take Five With Adam Glasser" reviewed by AAJ Staff

Meet Adam Glasser:

Adam grew up in South Africa influenced by township jazz. He took a UK English Literature degree, started gigging as pianist in Paris 1980, with a semester at Berklee in 1981. He gigged around London '80s/'90s with own trio and commercial gigs, tours with Jimmy Witherspoon, Martha Reeves, and for Manhattan Brothers, ...


Adam Glasser: Free at First

Read "Free at First" reviewed by Raul d'Gama Rose

Of all the harmonica players who have followed in the footsteps of legendary harmonicist Jean “Toots" Thielemans' wizardry, Adam Glasser may be the only proponent of this instrument--so little used that it only features in the “Miscellaneous" instruments lexicon of jazz discography and literature--who has brought a truly unique voice and idiom to the constantly evolving ...