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Assaf Kehati: Flowers And Other Stories

Read "Flowers And Other Stories" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Dynamic tension and release is an under-explored avenue in jazz. While composers and performers of this music seem to come out of institutes of higher learning with advanced harmonic knowledge, allowing them to create stunningly complex chords that resolve in an amiable fashion, these very musicians are often incapable of using the same techniques when dealing ...


Assaf Kehati Quartet: Finding Its Own Voice

Read "Assaf Kehati Quartet: Finding Its Own Voice" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Israeli guitarist Assaf Kehati, Boston-based since 2007, is a regular in drummer Billy Hart's outfits. His melodic compositions are, he says, inspired by the details of daily life. He cites as influences composers who have blurred the distinctions between folk/pop and more sophisticated music--Hector Berlioz, George Gershwin, guitarist Pat Metheny, Sting and even country singer Kenny ...


Alon Farber Hagiga Sextet: Optimistic View

Read "Optimistic View" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Secondo CD per l'Hagiga Sextet, messo in piedi nel 2001 dal sassofonista e compositore Alon Farber e dal batterista Dani Benedikt. Il gruppo è interamente israeliano, ed in Israele ha realizzato questo lavoro, che risente solo in parte delle influenze musicali mediorientali e si ispira più generalmente al jazz contemporaneo. La musica espressa si nutre di un complesso intreccio ...


The Alon Farber Hagiga Sextet: Optimistic View

Read "Optimistic View" reviewed by Jay Deshpande

No other way to put it: the Alon Farber Hagiga Sextet is a fantastic find. First formed in 2001 by saxophonist Alon Farber and drummer Dani Benedikt, Hagiga has developed a tasteful interplay while melding disparate musical traditions from around the world. As Israelis, the band-members draw on a heritage of confluence and intersection. Mirroring their ...