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SSS-Q: Songs From My Backyard

Read "Songs From My Backyard" reviewed by Eyal Hareuveni

Portuguese, Porto-based trumpeter Susana Santos Silva emerged in recent years as one of the most original and articulate voices in the European avant-jazz and non-idiomatic music due to her part in the chamber Lama Trio, that already released two albums ( and Lamaçal, 2011 and 2013, Clean Feed) and her duo with Swedish double bassist Torbjörn ...


Read "Lamacal" reviewed by Henning Bolte

Lama is a young Portuguese/Canadian trio with a firm foothold in both Rotterdam and Porto. Lama is trumpeter Susana Santos Silva, double bassist Gonçalo Almeida and drummer Greg Smith. Lamaçal, Lama's second album on Clean Feed, was recorded live during the Portalegre Jazz Fest in 2012, and features well known clarinetist/saxophonist Chris Speed as a guest. ...


Lama: Oneiros

Read "Oneiros" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Galeotta fu Rotterdam. O meglio il dipartimento di jazz del locale Conservatorio. Goncalo Almeida, contrabbassista, e Susana Santos Silva, trombettista, entrambi portoghesi, incontrano il batterista canadese Greg Smith e gettano le basi di quello che sarebbe poi diventato il trio denominato Lama. Un incontro fortuito per dar vita ad un trio speciale. Talmente speciale da apparire come una delle stelle ...


Lama: Look What You Made Us Do

Read "Look What You Made Us Do" reviewed by John Kelman

Its performance rattled more than a few cages at Punkt 2008, in Kristiansand, Norway. Still, Lama's debut, Guidebook to Lamaland (Spoon Train Audio, 2008), was really a solo album hiding beneath a group name, with the exception of one cathartic live track that featured the full group. Lama's sophomore disc, Look What You Made Us Do, ...


Lama: Guidebook to Lamaland

Read "Guidebook to Lamaland" reviewed by John Kelman

One of the greatest attractions of Norway's Punkt Festival is the discovery of groups who may not have a large audience yet, but certainly will in the future. At Punkt Elope, which spotlighted up-and-coming talent at Punk '08, the undeniable winner was Lama, a group led by multi- instrumentalist/vocalist Nils Martin Larsen. Combining electronics with dense ...