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Monsters of Folk: Monsters of Folk

Read "Monsters of Folk" reviewed by Doug Collette

Monsters of Folk are a modern super group of sorts, its principles all highly-visible figures of alternative rock. Jim James (nee Yim Yames) is the titular leader of Southern eclectics My Morning Jacket. M Ward is the contemporary archetype of singer/songwriter, who in addition to performing appropriately solo, also does regular tours as part of a ...


The Pretenders: Break Up The Concrete

Read "Break Up The Concrete" reviewed by Mike Perciaccante

At first look, with the exception of Chrissie Hynde, The Pretenders circa 2008 bears little resemblance to the band that blasted its way onto the musical landscape with “Brass In Pocket" and “Mystery Achievement" in 1980. Besides Hynde, only one other original Pretender is still alive--drummer Martin Chambers, and he doesn't even play on this CD. ...