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John Coltrane: Trane 90

Read "Trane 90" reviewed by Stefano Merighi

Coltrane l'apprendista, il collaboratore di talento, il leader, il visionario. È davvero possibile suddividere la carriera di John Coltrane attraverso questi ruoli ben distinti? O piuttosto la sapienza coltraniana si affina contando tuttavia già su una forza di partenza tutta particolare, e straordinaria?

A parte le incisioni dei primi anni Cinquanta, infatti, sembra ...


John Lee Hooker: The Modern, Chess & Vee-Jay Singles And Collection 1949-1962

Read "The Modern, Chess & Vee-Jay Singles And Collection 1949-1962" reviewed by Maurizio Comandini

Questo cofanetto contiene 4 CD e un bel libretto con un saggio di Paul Watts e informazioni molto dettagliate sui 101 brani contenuti nei dischetti argentati. Sono i pezzi registrati in quel decennio abbondante che va dal 1949 al 1962 dal mitico bluesman John Lee Hooker e pubblicati dalle etichette Modern, Chess e Vee-Jay. Una collezione ...


John Coltrane: Trane 90

Read "Trane 90" reviewed by Jim Trageser

Along with Miles Davis, Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong, the late saxophonist John Coltrane is one of the most anthologized figures in the history of jazz. He is also one of the most studied, with at least four full biographies on Amazon, and dozens of other books looking at various aspects of his music. The number ...


Gary Lucas, Enikö Szabó, Tóni Dezsö: Pearly Clouds

Read "Pearly Clouds" reviewed by Alberto Bazzurro

Del sessantaquattrenne Gary Lucas, da decenni guru di un chitarrismo che al di là delle varie mode terminologiche ci sentiremmo di definire veramente “trasversale," sappiamo parecchio. Molto meno dei suoi due partner in questo singolare album, in cui emerge la sua anima più prossima al song nella sua accezione più larga.

Enikö Szabó ...


The John Coltrane Quintet Featuring Eric Dolphy: So Many Things: The European Tour 1961

Read "So Many Things: The European Tour 1961" reviewed by Enrico Bettinello

Scrigno delle meraviglie questo cofanetto di 4 CD che raccoglie materiale da quattro concerti del denso tour europeo di John Coltrane dell'autunno del 1961.
Degli oltre trenta concerti stipati nelle tre settimane di tournée troviamo qui (con qualità di riproduzione ovviamente non eccelsa, ma mediamente buona) la musica che poterono ascoltare dal vivo gli ...


Tubby Hayes: Symphony – The Lost Session

Read "Symphony – The Lost Session" reviewed by Roger Farbey

This newly unearthed archival recording took place on February 8th 1972 at The Hopbine, a public house and popular jazz venue in Wembley, on the northern outskirts of London and as with all Tubby Hayes' music, is of great historic importance. The gig happened just a few months after Hayes' comeback following heart valve ...


All of You: The Last Tour 1960

Read "All of You: The Last Tour 1960" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

The problem with Miles Davis' 1960 European Tours has been one of programming. First to know is that Davis toured Europe twice in 1960: the first time with John Coltrane, March 21st to April 109th, and then with Sonny Stitt from September 27th to October 13th. The second thing to know is not every performance of ...


Tubby Hayes: Without a Song – Rare Live Recordings 1954-73

Read "Without a Song – Rare Live Recordings 1954-73" reviewed by Roger Farbey

This comprehensive 3-CD box set comprises 22 previously unissued live tracks constituting a veritable cornucopia for Tubby Hayes fans. It also benefits from 31 pages of extensive, informed and intelligent sleeve notes from the redoubtable Hayes biographer Simon Spillett, plus some previously unseen photographs.

CD-1 opens with a rousing “Bark for Barksdale" by the ...


Frank Sinatra: On The Radio: The Lucky Strike "Lite-Up Time" Shows (1949-1950)

Read "On The Radio: The Lucky Strike "Lite-Up Time" Shows (1949-1950)" reviewed by Graham L. Flanagan

With its recently launched Premier Collection, British outfit Acrobat Music makes a strong case for the title of Best Up-and-Coming Label. Along with rare radio sessions by Dave Brubeck, Sarah Vaughan, the classic Miles Davis Quintet and more, one of the highlights of the series has to be an unearthed gem from none other than Frank ...


Howlin' Wolf: Rockin' The Blues: Live in Germany 1964

Read "Rockin' The Blues: Live in Germany 1964" reviewed by Mike Perciaccante

Through the years, Howlin' Wolf's 1964 performances in Germany have reached legendary status. Many different recordings of these concerts have surfaced in many different configurations. Rockin' The Blues: Live in Germany 1964 remained previously unreleased in the United States, until now.

This Acrobat Music set was recorded in Bremen at The American Folk Blues ...