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Szilard Mezei Ensemble: Nad/Reed

Read "Nad/Reed" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

Szilard Mezei calls his music contemporary improvised music--a term that has often been used and abused, showing how music can either be transformed by imagination or lack thereof. The impact is in direct proportion to the skill of the musicians, which is why listening to the Szilard Mezei Ensemble is such a singular experience. The 14-piece ...


Szilard Mezei Ensemble: Nad / Reed

Read "Nad / Reed" reviewed by Nic Jones

Pointless arguments over where the geographical heart of the music lies these days are rendered only more so by music like that on Nad / Reed by the Szilard Mezei Ensemble. Coming as it does from Hungary, and with a burst of creativity, it's definitively human and thus not the product of any national--or indeed continental--sensibility. ...