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George Stone / Fred Hess Big Band / Jamie Begian Big Band

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George Stone

The Real Deal

Self Published


Every once in a while the stars align, the wheel of fortune spins precisely and listeners are the happy recipients of a big band album that is remarkably engaging and spectacular from start to finish; in other words, The Real Deal. This ...

Fred Hess Big Band / Timucua Jazz Orchestra / Michael Treni

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Fred Hess Big Band
Hold On
Dazzle Records

When listening to Hold On, composer / arranger / saxophonist Fred Hess' fourteenth album as leader but first in front of a big band, one question immediately arises: What took him so long? As it turns out, recording his ...


Fred Hess Big Band: Hold On

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Originally from Abington, Pennsylvania, tenor saxophonist Fred Hess has resided in Denver, Colorado since 1981. Though Denver is not often considered a hotbed of progressive jazz, Hess, as founder of the Boulder Creative Music Ensemble and Denver's Creative Music Works Orchestra, has fashioned an alternative to the East Coast/West Coast paradigm. With 14 albums as a ...

Dominic Lalli: A Blind Man's Blue

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Dominic Lalli
A Blind Man's Blue

Making a memorable and positive entrance onto the world's jazz stage is a rare achievement--and, percentage-wise, becoming rarer. It takes a high level of commitment, talent, and work; and some good luck never hurt. These days the standard is higher ...