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Tampere Jazz Happening 2010: Day 1, November 4, 2010

Read "Tampere Jazz Happening 2010: Day 1, November 4, 2010" reviewed by John Kelman

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Tampere Jazz Happening
Tampere, Finland
November 4-7, 2010

Winter may be approaching in Tampere, Finland, and the days getting shorter, but that only provides a better reason to stay inside and check out some of the country's most forward-thinking jazz artists at Tampere Jazz ...


Jazzmob: Flashback

Read "Flashback" reviewed by Nic Jones

This mob, perhaps as a kind of homage to “the mob," takes no prisoners. It deals in a brand of fusion in which the immediacy of the moment is of paramount importance and the niceties and established intensities of the medium smack too much of politeness and a lack of engagement with the urgency of being ...


Jazzmob: Infernal Machine

Read "Infernal Machine" reviewed by Nic Jones

This isn't so much a recreation as it is a reinvestigation of the fusion genre in that brief period thirty odd years ago when the idea was rife with positive implications and before the sterility set in.

While this program isn't as radical in its departure from the norm as Miles Davis' music from that period ...