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Take Five With Roger Chong

Read "Take Five With Roger Chong" reviewed by Roger Chong

Meet Roger Chong:
Classic jazz guitar-playing with a youthful edge--that;s what jazz guitarist Roger Chong does. A graduate of music from York University in Toronto, Canada, Roger has a solid musical know-how courtesy of his mentors--jazz musicians and educators Roy Patterson, Matt Brubeck, Casey Soko, and Mike Cado. While there, he honed his guitar ...


Marilyn Lerner: Arms Spread Wide & Ugly Beauties

Read "Marilyn Lerner: Arms Spread Wide & Ugly Beauties" reviewed by Andrey Henkin

Marilyn Lerner/Ken Filiano/Lou Grassi

Arms Spread Wide

No Business


Marilyn Lerner/Matt Brubeck/Nick Fraser

Ugly Beauties



A quick perusal of Canadian pianist Marilyn Lerner's website presents a musician whose projects are both typically and ...


Matt Brubeck / David Braid: Twotet/Deuxtet

Read "Twotet/Deuxtet" reviewed by Budd Kopman

The alive and vital Twotet/Deuxtet, from cellist Matt Brubeck and pianist David Braid, is a recording to celebrate and become immersed in.

Before anyone asks, Matt Brubeck is the youngest child of pianist Dave Brubeck. The fact that he is also the tallest, if it means anything at all, might have something to ...