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ECM @ 50

Read "ECM @ 50" reviewed by Mark Sullivan

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of German record label ECM Records. Since its founding by Manfred Eicher the label has maintained unwavering standards of excellence, characterized by an unmistakable visual identity and rigorous production values. In addition to some 20 concerts featuring ECM artists, the 2019 Big Ears Festival (full review here) also hosted an “ECM ...


Kim Kashkashian Sarah Rothenberg Steven Schick Houston Chamber Choir Robert Simpson.: Rothko Chapel

Read "Rothko Chapel" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

On ECM's superb and captivating Rothko Chapel an elite group of musicians interprets Morton Feldman's sublime title piece and several others by John Cage and, the father of western musical modernism, Erik Satie. The disc explores the common conceptual and stylistic threads between the Feldman and Cage's works and their origins in Satie's oeuvre.


Kim Kashkashian: Kurtag/Ligeti: Music for Viola

Read "Kurtag/Ligeti: Music for Viola" reviewed by Hrayr Attarian

There are more jokes about the viola, perhaps, than any other member of the violin family, but there are also exquisitely written pieces of music that in the hands of virtuosos come alive with vivid emotion and erudite articulation.

Boston-based Kim Kashkashian is one of the premier violists in the world and has ...


Sounds and Silence: Travels with Manfred Eicher

Read "Sounds and Silence: Travels with Manfred Eicher" reviewed by Nenad Georgievski

Norbert Wiedmer and Peter Guyer

Sounds and Silence: Travels with Manfred Eicher

ECM Records


Some people have invented products and concepts that have revolutionized the world. Some have devoted their lives to helping others, while some have conquered mountains and have built business empires. Others have given us ...


Kim Kashkashian: Neharot

Read "Neharot" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Il nuovo album della violista armena Kim Kashkashian, Neharot, raccoglie cinque lamentazioni tradizionali includendo solo composizioni scritte da compositori di area medio-orientale, rispettivamente “Neharót Neharót" dell'israeliana Betty Olivero, “Tagh for the Funeral of the Lord" e “Three Arias" del libanese-armeno Tigran Mansurian (che a sua volta interpreta “Oror" di Komitas) e “Rava Deravin" scritto da uno ...


Kim Kashkashian - Robert Levin: Asturiana

Read "Asturiana" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Collaboratori da oltre vent’anni, autori di altri due dischi in duo per la stessa ECM (uno dei quali, con le sonate per violino e pianoforte di Brahms, vincitore di premi una decina d’anni fa), la violista di origini armene Kim Kashkashian e il pianista Robert Levin sono qui impegnati in un lavoro dal doppio significato progettuale: il ...


Kim Kashkashian / Robert Levin: Asturiana: Songs from Spain and Argentina

Read "Asturiana: Songs from Spain and Argentina" reviewed by John Kelman

It's curious that, of the instruments in the classical string quartet, the viola is the least often heard as a leading voice. Richer and deeper-toned than the violin, but higher in range than the cello, it's the ideal instrument to interpret material written for voice. Violist Kim Kashkashian has, since the mid-1980s, been a fixture on ...