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Bolden: A Movie Review And Beyond

Read "Bolden: A Movie Review And Beyond" reviewed by Matt Lavelle

Directed by Daniel Pritzker
Abramorama; King Bolden LLC
Release Date: May 3, 2019

Bolden is a film about jazz legend and cornetist Buddy Bolden, released on May 3rd, 2019. There was only one theater playing it in Manhattan, all the way on 12th Avenue and 57th St. ...


Columbia Releases Miles Davis: The Rest

Read "Columbia Releases Miles Davis: The Rest" reviewed by Patrick Burnette

The can't-miss box set of the year Miles Davis: The Rest completes Columbia Records' thorough excavation of the great trumpeter's session work. As the press release notes, “Columbia was proud to offer eight steel-spine box sets of Davis' sessions, followed by our 70-disc Complete Studio Albums Collection, followed by our The Genius Of Miles Davis set ...


Blue Note's Tone Poet Series

Read "Blue Note's Tone Poet Series" reviewed by Patrick Burnette

With CD-quality streaming a reality for those with butch internet and money to burn, and vanilla streaming the reality for almost everyone else, digital music has never seemed less collectable. Why clutter your Marie Kondo-approved home with jewel boxes when much (though heaven knows not all) of the digital catalogue is available on tap? While compact ...


Jazz and Assault Rifles: A Peace Barrage

Read "Jazz and Assault Rifles: A Peace Barrage" reviewed by Victor L. Schermer

I just participated in the March 24 “March for Our Lives" event in Philadelphia, one among many cities where the Parkland, Florida Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shootout led to a large turnout of people advocating for an end to school violence and greater gun control, including, for many, the banning of assault rifles. You may ...

Jazz Karaoke anyone?

Read "Jazz Karaoke anyone?" reviewed by David Hadley Ray

Venues seem to want jazz karaoke more than jazz with attitude. With decibel meters, political correctness and noise laws, is the rebel music of Bird, Monk and Dizzy being snipped and manipulated into being safe for the masses? Do folks really want their jazz neutered, or genetically modified? (It may look and taste like jazz, but ...


Trumpet Miming in Film: Mostly Jive

Read "Trumpet Miming in Film: Mostly Jive" reviewed by Steve Provizer

No surprise that filmmakers want to feature trumpet players in their films. After all, we are a complicated, sometimes volatile and, ahem, sexy cohort. I've written here about the odd character-illogical bent that movies show toward the species, but in this post, I'll restrict myself to analyzing how well filmmakers pull off the act of shooting ...


Do Albums Ever Die? How Make Old Music Relevant Again

Do Albums Ever Die? How Make Old Music Relevant Again

Just because an album has been around for awhile doesn't make it irrelevant. The streaming age and the rise of playlist culture has provided a unique opportunity for artists to breathe new live and relevancy into their back catalog of work. Guest post by Chris Robley on DIY Musician 3 things you can do to breathe new life ...


Why Can We Still Buy Music? [Thomas Euler]

Why Can We Still Buy Music? [Thomas Euler]

In this piece, Thomas Euler ponders the question of why it is that we can still purchase music. Will we soon live in a world where music cannot be bought. but only accessed, and what this would mean for not only labels but also the industry in general? Guest post by Thomas Euler, originally published on his blog ...


Survival Of The Shortest: Did Streaming Kill Song Intros?

Survival Of The Shortest: Did Streaming Kill Song Intros?

While lengthy, dramatic intros used to be commonplace in the power pop ballads of a few decades ago, a recent study has revealed that the hits of today have significantly more truncated, something for which consumers shortened attention spans are likely to blame. Guest post by Misti Crane of The Ohio State University "It’s survival-of-the-fittest: Songs that manage to ...


NEA Dismantling: Let's Do The Time Warp Again

Read "NEA Dismantling: Let's Do The Time Warp Again" reviewed by Homer Jackson

In a response to the recent local and national actions demanding that President Trump rescind his proposal to dismantle the NEA/NEH/IMLS, I feel like I'm in a sorta twisted, time-warp.

Twenty years ago, in the midst of the 1990s, the very same debate to decimate the NEA by a Republican- empowered Congress took place. ...