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AMM with John Butcher: Trinity

Read "Trinity" reviewed by Nic Jones

The amorphous unit that is AMM has been refining--and indeed redefining--a sound for as long as it's been in existence, and there's no reason to believe that the process this implies is likely to ever stop evolving. This does of course render John Butcher's presence here as perhaps anomalous, but there are no musical reasons to ...


Seymour Wright / Eddie Prevost: Gamut

Read "Gamut" reviewed by Nic Jones

On Gamut, Seymour Wright is credited with alto sax and Eddie Prevost's percussive credit is roto toms. When it comes down to it however, those credits are mere points of reference as this is music purged of conventional technique, as if the duo has undergone a process of rigorous self-denial in order to find out what ...


Chant-Lambert-Lexer-Milton / Coleman-Wastell-Wright / AMM: That Mysterious Forest Below London Bridge

Read "That Mysterious Forest Below London Bridge" reviewed by Nic Jones

Here's an opposite of the sampler album. Three groups, two of them relatively ad hoc and one of long-standing, perform three freely improvised pieces and the results are a byword for how diverse that approach to music-making can be.

The quartet of Tom Chant, Ross Lambert, Sebastian Lexer and Matt Milton produce music that's unassumingly lithe ...


Eddie Prevost & Alan Wilkinson: So Are We, So Are We

Read "So Are We, So Are We" reviewed by Nic Jones

Percussionist Eddie Prevost has maintained a musical career for forty years now, and in that time he has worked the rich seam of free improvisation with single-minded authority. The temptation of comparing this duo with saxophonist Alan Wilkinson to Prevost's earlier work with the vastly underrated Lou Gare is great but to be resisted; not least ...


Alan Wilkinson/Eddie Prevost/Joe Wiliamson: Along Came Joe

Read "Along Came Joe" reviewed by Nic Jones

This is music as a language of ongoing discussion in the best sense. Recorded at the Freedom of the City Festival in London just over a year ago, the single thirtyfive minute piece captured for posterity here starts out with Wilkinson and Prevost renewing their dialogue. In a dialect more heated than that found on their ...