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Jakob Baekgaard's Best of 2015

Read "Jakob Baekgaard's Best of 2015" reviewed by Jakob Baekgaard

These ten albums are just a few of the many great releases of 2015. Music was and still is a light in a world filled with problems and fear. When it is best, it encourages openness and contemplation and brings us closer together as humans.

John Law
These Skies In Which We ...


Jakob Bro: Hymnotic/Salmodisk

Read "Hymnotic/Salmodisk" reviewed by Jakob Baekgaard

The exploration of different musical formats has been one of the defining characteristics of Danish guitarist Jakob Bro for a long time. It makes perfect sense when you think about Bro's approach to music. He is an artist that likes to work with different voices to see what they can bring to the music.


Jakob Bro: December Song

Read "Jakob Bro: December Song" reviewed by Henning Bolte

December Song is the final part of a trilogy which started with Balladeering (2009) and continued with Time (2011). It started with the fivesome of Jakob Bro himself, Bill Frisell, Lee Konitz, Ben Street and the late Paul Motian. When Time was recorded in September 2011 at Avatar, Thomas Morgan subbed for Ben Street. Paul Motian ...


Jakob Bro/Thomas Knak: Bro/Knak

Read "Bro/Knak" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Jakob Bro è un chitarrista danese dalle frequentazioni eccellenti, vedi Bill Frisell e Lee Konitz nello splendido Time, e ancora Frisell, Kenny Wheeler e Paul Bley in questa ultima doppia fatica. Proprio la presenza di Bley costituisce il motivo di maggior interesse del cd, anche in relazione al fatto che l'ottantenne musicista canadese si ritaglia un intervento di piano solo ...


Bro/Knak: Bro/Knak

Read "Bro/Knak" reviewed by John Kelman

Following three consistently fine recordings as a leader--2009's The Stars Are All New Songs Vol. 1, 2010's Balladeering and 2011's Time (all on the Danish guitarist's own Loveland imprint)--in addition to international visibility gained through work with Paul Motian on the drummer's Garden of Eden (ECM, 2006) and trumpeter Tomasz Stańko's Dark Eyes (ECM, 2010), Jakob ...


Jakob Bro: Time

Read "Time" reviewed by Jakob Baekgaard

Hearing music is a journey towards discovering the world anew. If anything, this is a philosophy that the young Danish guitarist Jakob Bro has taken to heart. Throughout a career that has seen him playing in a wide range of constellations, among them groups led by trumpeter Tomasz Stańko and the late drum legend Paul Motian, ...


Jakob Bro: Balladeering

Read "Balladeering" reviewed by Jakob Baekgaard

Throughout the process of recording Balladeering, Danish guitarist Jakob Bro was followed closely by filmmaker Sune Blicher, who documented the sessions, which took place at the famous Avatar studios in New York, capturing the poetry of the music in pregnant images. A recurrent motif in the movie is musicians engrossed in listening, and this particular framing ...


Jakob Bro: The Stars Are All New Songs Vol. 1

Read "The Stars Are All New Songs Vol. 1" reviewed by Jakob Baekgaard

The transition from promising talent to well-established artist isn't always easy and some musicians seem doomed to be placed in the eternal category of “interesting new voice." Clearly that is not the case with young Danish guitarist Jakob Bro, who has become one of the leading stylists in a new generation of jazz guitarists that include ...


Jakob Bro: Pearl River

Read "Pearl River" reviewed by Jakob Baekgaard

Sometimes, finding a good jazz record is a bit like fishing: either you catch something or you don't. The search is always on for that particular phrase, beat or tune that will transport the mind to a state of bliss: the state called jazz.

Coming across an album like Pearl River seems like a ...