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Billy Fox's Backbirds & Bullets: Dulces

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In the liner notes for Dulces, Billy Fox outlines the influence that Bengali writer, artist and composer Rabindranath Tagore had on his own compositional insights, writing “Tagore boldly defied the expectations of each idiom." And after listening to Dulces, it is apparent that Fox learned well. Like his mentor, Fox is able to use various musical ...


Billy Fox: Kaidan Suite

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Billy Fox is primarily a composer, although he does play various percussion instruments on both his fine previous release The Uncle Wiggly Suite (Clean Feed, 2007) and Kaidan Suite. He approaches composition eclectically, but there is a decided classical undertone. Note that both recordings are suites, and thus are integrated works, meant to be listened to ...


Jazzanese: Kitsune & Kioku

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Billy Fox Kitsune Ensemble
Kaidan Suite
Gozen Reiji Records

Both Far and Near
Quiet Design

Two recent albums combine American and Japanese mentalities. Billy ...


Billy Fox: The Uncle Wiggly Suite

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In the notes to The Uncle Wiggly Suite, composer Billy Fox tells the story of the genesis of the thematic kernel that makes up the connecting thread that runs through the pieces in this suite. This fine music lives in cracks between many things: composition vs. improvisation, accessibility vs. pure expression, mainstream vs. avant-garde, consciousness vs. ...

Take Five With Billy Fox

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Meet Billy Fox: Originally trained as a drummer and Latin percussionist, my focus today is composing. My music interweaves composition and improvisation, and draws from a variety of styles: modal and free jazz; Western classical; and Japanese tonal systems.

Instrument(s): Composition.

Teachers and/or influences? My primary influence as a composer has been Jane Ira ...


Billy Fox: The Uncle Wiggly Suite

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«It began with a dream» racconta il percussionista-compositore Billy Fox nelle note che accompagnano questo sorprendente esordio targato, ancora una volta, Clean Feed. Un sogno intravisto e catturato in quegli attimi senza tempo che separano il sonno dalla veglia, la coscienza dall’incoscienza. È in una zona non meglio precisata di quel confine assai labile che sono affiorate le ...