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Inexhaustible Editions: The Little Label That Roars

Read "Inexhaustible Editions: The Little Label That Roars" reviewed by Mark Corroto

In the 1980s, American writer John Corbett traveled Europe searching for out-of-print LPs from small labels which he eventually produced reissues titled the Unheard Music Series first for Atavistic Records, then his own Corbett vs. Dempsey label. His mission was to preserve the music which formed the jazz and improvisation canon but was largely ignored, simply ...

Another Timbre’s Duos with Brass

Read "Another Timbre’s Duos with Brass" reviewed by John Eyles

Following on from the label's Piano Series and Guitar Series comes Another Timbre's four-CD series Duos with Brass. That “with" is well chosen: each of the discs pairs an instrument from the brass family--tuba, trumpet, trombone--and a contrasting one, but the primary focus is not necessarily on the brass instrument. Typically of Another Timbre--as with those ...

Carl Ludwig Hubsch's Longrun Developement of the Universe: The Universe is a Disk

Read "The Universe is a Disk" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Una tuba, un sax tenore, un trombone. E tre musicisti irregolari, musicalmente anarchici, ostinatamente curiosi. Potremmo parafrasare “Sei personaggi in cerca d'autore" anche se i sei in questione, più che l'autore, sembrano cercare e trovare nuove vie di comunicazione, nuovi canoni linguistici, nuove prospettive per l'improvvisazione, e perché no, nuovi motivi di divertimento. Tra musicisti e strumenti si allacciano strane ...


Carl Ludwig Hubsch: Carl Ludwig Hubsch

Read "Carl Ludwig Hubsch" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

Tuba player Carl Ludwig Hübsch explains in the CD booklet, that “Primordial Soup refers to the state of our universe: at the point in time that was just a miniscule fraction of a second after the Big Bang. That happens to be the starting point for his view on music and its construction, from establishing components ...


Carl Ludwig Hubsch: Carl Ludwig Hubsch

Read "Carl Ludwig Hubsch" reviewed by Nic Jones

Tuba player Hubsch is joined on Carl Ludwig Hubsch's Primordial Soup by trumpet, reeds, and drums for a program of his own compositions which reveals a singular musical intelligence. As with so many musicians and composers working in the constructively grey area between free jazz and contemporary composition, the success of the music is highly dependent ...


Carl Ludwig Hubsch: Carl Ludwig Hubsch's Primordial Soup

Read "Carl Ludwig Hubsch's Primordial Soup" reviewed by Mark Corroto

Composer and tubist Carl Ludwig Hübsch once released a CD of 119 solo tuba pieces. Actually only 99 could fit on the single disc! Try to imagine the record producer having the conversation with the artist, “Sorry Carl, we are going to have to either edit some of this material that runs nearly two minutes or ...