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Rick Lawn: The Evolution of Big Band Sounds in America

Read "Rick Lawn: The Evolution of Big Band Sounds in America" reviewed by Victor L. Schermer

From the latter part of the Jazz Age through the Swing Era, big bands dominated the jazz scene and a large part of the entertainment industry. After World War II, their fortunes declined, but their music soared to new heights, spurred on by innovative leaders, instrumentalists, and very importantly, the composers/arrangers who worked behind the scenes ...


Stan Kenton and His Orchestra: Jazz Journey

Read "Jazz Journey" reviewed by Jack Bowers

For those who thought that reissues of albums by the Stan Kenton Orchestra had faded away as the well ran dry, think again: from Sounds of Yesteryear comes a welcome and invigorating Jazz Journey, traversing half a dozen concerts by the superb Kenton Orchestra that consist for the most part of unissued material from the years ...


Reuel Golden, Barney Hoskyns: 75 Years of Capitol Records

Read "Reuel Golden, Barney Hoskyns: 75 Years of Capitol Records" reviewed by Angelo Leonardi

75 Years of Capitol Records
Reuel Golden, Barney Hoskyns
492 Pages

Il 15 novembre 2016, il Los Angeles City Council ha proclamato il “Capitol Records Day," una celebrazione del 75mo anno di vita della casa discografica, fondata a Los Angeles il 7 febbraio 1942. Tra le varie iniziative ...


Stan Kenton Orchestra / BYU Synthesis Big Band: A Kenton Celebration

Read "A Kenton Celebration" reviewed by Jack Bowers

Fasten your seat belts, Kenton fans. Just when you feared the once-overflowing wellspring of material from the Stan Kenton Orchestra's archives may have run dry, along comes Tantara Productions with this jet-propelled and emphatically pleasurable two-disc set, the first half of which reclaims a long-lost concert date recorded in February 1959 at Brigham Young University, a ...


Rugolo, Kenton and Bardot

Rugolo, Kenton and Bardot

When I posted last on Pete Rugolo (here), I left out two major albums in my survey of the arranger's work in a leadership role. They are Rugolo Plays Kenton (1958) and Behind Brigitte Bardot (1959). Both are exceptional for different reasons. Rugolo, of course, began arranging for Stan Kenton in 1944, starting with Opus a ...


Pete Rugolo's Leadership LPs

Pete Rugolo's Leadership LPs

Arranger Pete Rugolo is an acquired taste. Listening to virtually all of his leadership albums in the 1950s and early '60s yesterday, I initially dismissed many of them as bombastic, elephantine works that relied too often on shrill trumpets and tympani drums. What's more, many of the albums featured a stray clunker so bad that they ...


Mark Winkler: Jazz and Other Four Letter Words

Read "Jazz and Other Four Letter Words" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Vocalist Mark Winkler has been something of a victim of his own talent: his work as a vocalist has often been routinely overlooked, largely eclipsed by his renown as a songwriter. But the tide seems to be turning for this cool school singer-of-note. With the critical success and positive public response to The Laura Nyro Project ...


The Swinging Shepherds

The Swinging Shepherds

In the final installment of my three-part series on off-the-radar jazz supergroups of the 1950s, I'm turning today to Buddy Collette and His Swinging Shepherds—a West Coast quartet of superb flutists that regrettably recorded only two albums for Mercury. Both albums were arranged by Pete Rugolo, who pulled out all the stops in terms of writing complexity, ...


June Christy: Stars of Jazz, '58

June Christy: Stars of Jazz, '58

In 1958, June Christy was one of the West Coast's best-known jazz-pop recording artists. At Capitol Records, where Pete Rugolo arranged many of her albums, Christy delivered songs with a sunny melancholy and breathy coolness that perfectly reflected the sighing resignation of bluesy middle-age suburbanites in Southern California. In March '58, Christy appeared on Stars of Jazz, ...


Jazz on the Screen: A Jazz and Blues Filmography

Read "Jazz on the Screen: A Jazz and Blues Filmography" reviewed by AAJ Staff

This article appears courtesy of David Meeker and the Library of Congress. Learn more about Jazz on Screen.

Overview of Jazz on the Screen

By David Meeker

The cultural, sociological and technical histories of jazz and motion pictures have run in parallel, sometimes intersecting, lines ever since both forms emerged ...