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Jam Session Coast To Coast/Jammin' at Condon's

Read "Jam Session Coast To Coast/Jammin' at Condon's" reviewed by Mark Barnett

Getting Started If you're new to jazz, go to our Getting Into Jazz primer for some hints on how to listen.

CD Capsule 1950's straight-ahead jazz, spiced with ad lib commentary by impressario/guitarist Condon. The musicians are laid back and having fun. Kick off your shoes and join them.

Background In the ...

Meet Mark Weber

Read "Meet Mark Weber" reviewed by Tessa Souter and Andrea Wolper

Almost every aspect of Mark Weber's life ends up intersecting with jazz; he just might be the original Renaissance jazz fan. A former wedding photographer, he found himself photographing nearly every jazz musician to pass through Los Angeles and Albuquerque in the past several decades and, without planning to, ended up writing for CODA, deejaying a ...


Wild Bill Davison: The Danish Sessions

Read "The Danish Sessions" reviewed by Chris Mosey

Wild Bill Davison was aptly described by Humphrey Lyttelton as the kind of drunken reveller who throws his arms around your neck one moment and tries to knock you down the next. Aside from his drinking, Wild Bill was, more importantly, a white Dixieland cornet player of considerable ability, with a fierce, uninhibited attack, whose heroes ...


Eddie Condon in Color, 1962

Eddie Condon in Color, 1962

In the early 1960's the American Goodyear Tire Co. commissioned a series of short jazz-performance films as part of a promotional campaign. Why Google and Facebook don't do the same today with classic jazz, rock and soul artists is beyond me. Goodyear's jazz movies were filmed in color by multiple cameras on 35mm and the sound ...


The Real Dixieland Book / Tunes Of The Twenties

Read "The Real Dixieland Book / Tunes Of The Twenties" reviewed by Budd Kopman

The Real Dixieland Book
Robert Rawlins
378 Pages
ISBN: 978-1-4234-7694-8
Hal Leonard

Saxophonist Robert Rawlins, who is also Professor of Music Theory at Rowan University (New Jersey) has done jazz a great service by producing The Real Dixieland Book and Tunes Of The Twenties. While they obviously ...


Condon & Freeman: 1938-1950

Condon & Freeman: 1938-1950

On the Arts in Review page of today's Wall Street Journal, I review Eddie Condon & Bud Freeman: Complete Commodore & Decca Sessions, a new 8-CD box from Mosaic Records (go here). I must say, I was floored by the recordings. As most readers know, I've long been a dogmatic, self-proclaimed fan of post-1945 jazz individualists ...


Glenn Zottola: A Jazz Life - On the Road and In Demand

Read "Glenn Zottola: A Jazz Life - On the Road and In Demand" reviewed by Nicholas F. Mondello

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

World-renown trumpeter, saxophonist, musical director, producer and entrepreneur. These are but a mere handful of words that describe the vast talent in Glenn Zottola's bag of musical marvels. There are others: child prodigy, creative genius, “musical natural" and aural savant also percolate rapidly to mind. Now ...


Straight Life – The Story of Art Pepper by Art and Laurie Pepper

Read "Straight Life – The Story of Art Pepper by Art and Laurie Pepper" reviewed by C. Michael Bailey

Straight Life--The Story of Art Pepper
Art and Laurie Pepper
506 Pages
ISBN# 0306805588
Da Capo Press

Writer's Note: Straight Life--The Story of Art Pepper is 35-years old and is a well-established piece of jazz reportage not requiring further comment, which has never stopped me. I have written ...


Eddie Condon: Renaissance Man Of Jazz This Week On Riverwalk Jazz

Eddie Condon: Renaissance Man Of Jazz This Week On Riverwalk Jazz

This week on Riverwalk Jazz: photographer, author and record producer Hank O’Neal, who collaborated on Eddie Condon’s Scrapbook of Jazz talks about the Condon legacy. Eddie’s daughter Maggie Condon shares her wealth of memories. The program is distributed in the US by Public Radio International. You can also drop in on a continuous stream of shows at ...


Eddie Condon: New York, 1964

Eddie Condon: New York, 1964

Before the Swing Era, when jazz was shaped by jny Kansas City's big-band dance beats, jny: Chicago's frantic small-group sound was hot. Among the Chicago greats was guitarist Eddie Condon, king of the rhythm-keepers. In 1964, ABC in New York broadcast a Carnegie Hall tribute to Condon featuring the cream of the Chicago gang. Part 1...   ...