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Bob Gordon + Jack Montrose

Bob Gordon + Jack Montrose

Bob Gordon was a fabulous West Coast baritone saxophonist whose brilliant jazz career was cut short at age 24 in a car accident. On August 28, 1955, Gordon and trumpeter Earl McCrea were driving to San Diego to play in a Pete Rugolo concert. Gordon's car was proceeding north on St. Andrew Place in Los Angeles ...


Zoot Sims: Compatibility

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Nella variegata carriera di Zoot Sims, questo CD da tempo introvabile occupa uno spazio artisticamente non trascurabile anche se misconosciuto. Ha fatto bene la Delmark a ristampare, con tutte le sue alternative takes, questa seduta di registrazione del 1955,che lo vede impegnato al fianco del trombettista Hal Daniels.

Quest'ultimo compone ed arrangia la ...

Dave Pell: Four Classic Albums

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If you were to wander up and down the West Coast in the fifties you were more likely to find Dave Pell playing dances on college campuses than in clubs. Despite filling his octet with seasoned musicians who could really cut loose when given the chance, Pell's studio recordings always have a hint of ...

Bob Gordon: Quintet/Sextet with Herbie Harper and Jack Montrose Complete Recordings

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Bob Gordon was a major player on the West Coast scene of the fifties and was on a path to become one of the greatest baritone sax players jazz had ever produced. Unfortunately, he died in an automobile accident in 1955, just as the cool jazz scene was beginning to gather some steam.

Before ...