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Noah Preminger, Alexa Tarantino, Dave Douglas & More

Read "Noah Preminger, Alexa Tarantino, Dave Douglas & More" reviewed by Bob Osborne

A mix of new releases this week, with music from Noah Preminger, Alexa Tarantino, Anthony Shadduck, Dan Phillips and Dave Douglas, plus some classic Thelonious Monk and other recent releases.

Playlist Noah Preminger “World of Twelve Faces" from After Life (Criss Cross) 00:00 Anthony Shadduck “The Story of Maryam" from Quartet & Double Quartet ...


Chris Schlarb: Psychic Temple

Read "Psychic Temple" reviewed by Ian Patterson

Chris Schlarb isn't your typical composer, working for a year on this music before writing any melodies. However, given that his previous recording, the beguiling Twilight and Ghost Stories (Asthmatic Kitty Records, 2007), took four years and long periods of soul-searching, little the guitarist and electronics musician of such adventurous outfits as Create (!) and I-Heart-Lung ...


Crepuscule Trio: Unveil

Read "Unveil" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Ecco un buon esempio dell'attuale sperimentazione californiana che paga il giusto tributo verso un certo free storico. I tre improvvisatori, provenienti da formazioni/esperienze composite e non più giovani (il batterista è decisamente il più anziano dei tre), sono attivi in vari contesti nell'area di Los Angeles, senza aver raggiunto una notorietà internazionale. Il CD, inciso a cavallo fra 2008 ...


Two Lisa Mezzacappas Shake Up LA

Read "Two Lisa Mezzacappas Shake Up LA" reviewed by Neal Colgrass

Lisa Mezzacappa
Cafe Metropol, Eagle Rock Center for the Arts
Los Angeles
Dec. 5 and 6, 2009

Lisa Mezzacappa led two concerts in Los Angeles in December, one imbued with a musical smile and one with the ferocity of a howling, avant-garde battleground. Her smile was easy to love; the avant-garde battle required ...


The Anthony Shadduck Quartet: Debut

Read "Debut" reviewed by Ian Patterson

An acoustic bass, an acoustic drum and clarinet may bring to mind the small combos of Benny Goodman or Buddy DeFranco, but when you add guitarist Nels Cline to the equation (armed with his box of electronics to boot) then you can be sure that the cat will go tearing out of the room. Indeed, from ...