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The Boswell Sisters: The Boswell Sisters Collection

Read "The Boswell Sisters Collection" reviewed by Chris Mosey

This magnificent boxed set of five CDs and one DVD represents the entire commercially released recorded output of the Boswell Sisters, the most popular and influential close harmony vocal group ever. They were white, but lead singer Connie-- she later changed the spelling to Connee--sang black. Ella Fitzgerald, when she was starting out, said her aim ...


The Boswell Sisters: Nothing Was Sweeter

Read "Nothing Was Sweeter" reviewed by David Rickert

Although they were the hottest act in their heyday in the thirties, nobody bothers much with the Boswell Sisters anymore. Most people are familiar with their particular style of jazz vocals--tight-knit harmonies and group vocal gymnastics--through their imitators, like the Andrews Sisters. But the Boswell Sisters were much more than that. Consider the fact that Ella ...


The Boswell Sisters: Nothing Was Sweeter Than

Read "Nothing Was Sweeter Than" reviewed by Nic Jones

Jazz vocal groups have never been thick on the ground, and insofar as there is any such lineage at all, it's safe to say its existence is largely down to the Boswell Sisters. Their harmonies amounted to the opposite of sibling rivalry, and the liberties they took with tempo and key changes were to have a ...