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Francois Carrier: Freedom is Space for the Spirit

Read "Freedom is Space for the Spirit" reviewed by Budd Kopman

Saxophonist Francois Carrier had quite a week in late May of 2014. It began when he and his long-time percussionist Michel Lambert played with bassist John Edwards and pianist Steve Beresford at the Vortex Jazz Club in London on May 25th and ended with the duo performing with acoustic bassist Rafal Mazur at the Alchemia Jazz ...


Three From Intonema

Read "Three From Intonema" reviewed by John Eyles

When the ninth and tenth releases on St. Petersburg's Intonema label were released, it was noteworthy that neither of them featured a Russian musician, despite the label's catalogue previously featuring such notable Russians as saxophonist Ilia Belorukov, bass guitarist Mikhail Ershov and pianist Alexey Lapin alongside a distinguished cast of fine overseas players. Happily, the label's ...


Bystrov/Bledsoe/Lapin: Triologue

Read "Triologue" reviewed by Glenn Astarita

American flautist and educator Helen Bledsoe resides in Cologne, Germany, and is a prominent improviser on the global circuit. She aligns with Russians, pianist Alexey Lapin and clarinetist Vlady Bystrov, for a soundscape that defies stringent categorizations but touches on avant-Chamber, free-jazz, and is embedded in dense montages, as they explore numerous possibilities and outcomes. Recorded ...


Shoreditch, London, December 2011: One great gig, two fine albums

Read "Shoreditch, London, December 2011: One great gig, two fine albums" reviewed by John Eyles

In December 2011, French-Canadian alto saxophonist François Carrier was approaching the end of a six-month sabbatical visit to London, sponsored by Conseil des arts et des lettres Québec. On December 6, Carrier played a gig at The Vortex to launch his album Inner Spire (Leo, 2011) recorded the previous year in Russia with his long-time drummer ...


Francois Carrier - Michel Lambert - Alexey Lapin: In Motion

Read "In Motion" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Questo CD dal vivo è frutto di un tour russo degli affiatati canadesi Francois Carrier e Michel Lambert, nel corso del quale i due ebbero modo di incontrare il pianista Alexey Lapin, registrando assieme ben tre lavori, di cui questo - tratto da un concerto del 21 dicembre 2010 a San Pietroburgo - è l'ultimo dopo Inner Spire ...


Thomas Buckner / Edyta Fil / Ilia Belorukov / Alexey Lapin / Juho Laitinen: Bewitched Concert

Read "Bewitched Concert" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

Bewitched Concert was recorded by an international quintet at the Experimental Sound Gallery on November 6th, 2009. The original concept was to record the concert in two sets--the first featuring a flute solo by Edyta Fil, and the second, a group improvisation with Fil, pianist Alexey Lapin and saxophonist Ilia Belorukov. Plans changed when singer Thomas ...


Francois Carrier Trio Live in Russia

Read "Francois Carrier Trio Live in Russia" reviewed by John Eyles

Back in September, the review of Inner Spire (Leo, 2011) by the Québec duo of alto saxophonist Francois Carrier and drummer Michel Lambert with Russian pianist Alexey Lapin, closed with the words “This is an impressive debut from a fine trio. Let us hope a sequel follows soon."

Shortly after that review appeared, news ...


Francois Carrier - Alexey Lapin - Michel Lambert: Inner Spire

Read "Inner Spire" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

Inner Spire è stato registrato a Mosca nel dicembre 2010 nel corso di un brevissimo tour in Russia di questo trio inedito, ma molto ben assortito, formato dai due canadesi Carrier e Lambert a cui si è unito il batterista di San Pietroburgo Alexey Lapin. I tre musicisti (che già in precedenza avevano registrato in ordine sparso per ...


Francois Carrier / Alexey Lapin / Michel Lambert: Inner Spire

Read "Inner Spire" reviewed by John Eyles

For Inner Spire, his fourth release on Leo records, Montreal-based alto saxophonist François Carrier performs with a new trio, retaining his long-standing collaborator Michel Lambert on drums and replacing double-bass with piano, played by Alexey Lapin. Recorded at the DOM Cultural Centre in Moscow in December 2010, the album's five tracks were entirely improvised. That is ...


Alexey Lapin / Melvyn Poore / Matthias Schubert / Roger Turner / Helen Bledsoe: Seek It Not With Your Eyes

Read "Seek It Not With Your Eyes" reviewed by Jerry D'Souza

Pianist Alexey Lapin, tenor saxophonist Matthias Schubert and tubaist Melvyn Poore planned a trio date at Cologne, Germany's The Loft, on June 28, 2009. With percussionist Roger Turner in town, the trio became a quartet, and then flautist Helen Bledsoe sat in for a second set of two tunes. The original concept may have changed, but ...