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Mark Weinstein: Todo Corazon

Read "Todo Corazon" reviewed by Dan Bilawsky

Mark Weinstein's modus operandi is simple: He follows his interests at any given time. He found success as a groundbreaking salsa trombonist early on, but that didn't stop him from leaving his horn behind and entering the realm of academia. He earned a Ph.D in Philosophy, with a specialization in mathematical logic, and started teaching at ...


Raùl Jaurena: Fuerza Milonguera

Read "Fuerza Milonguera" reviewed by AAJ Italy Staff

L'uruguagio Raùl Jaurena è certo una figura degna di nota nell'attuale panorama del tango. Ce lo dice con chiarezza questo bel disco, inciso a Montevideo nel 2008 alla testa del suo largo ensemble, forte di ben quattro bandoneon e altrettanti archi (più contrabbasso), un dispiegamento di forze cui peraltro si ricorre solo qua e là nel corso dei quattordici ...


Raul Jaurena: Te Amo Tango

Read "Te Amo Tango" reviewed by Samuel Chell

Despite the title, this album is not necessarily limited to lovers of tango. Nor should it be dismissed by listeners who normally prefer music emphasizing improvisation. Raúl Jaurena, regarded as one of the best of the bandoneon players, is likely to win more than a few converts to the tango with this richly expressive, expertly produced ...